Monogrammed Rainboots Tutorial

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  • How to make monogrammed boots

I am a little obsessed with my Die Cutting machine at the moment. So when I saw these boots on sale, I knew my sister needed them to wear as she cleared out the woods behind her house.

Here’s how I made them:

  • Lay a 12×12 sheet of  Waterproof adhesive vinyl on my cutting mat.
  • Designed initials using “Boys R Crazy” font. Increased the size of the center initial
  • After it was cut, I picked the background vinyl
  • Stick transfer tape on to of name, rubbed it for 10 seconds and then remove backing to vinyl
  • Position transfer tape on boots and stick. Rub vigorously for 30 seconds and then peel
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12 thoughts on “Monogrammed Rainboots Tutorial

    • You can seal it with mod podge or a spray sealer to keep it from pealing off in increment weather. Our boots are pretty stiff so we haven’t had bending issues. Possibly a thicker vinyl. Are you using outdoor vinyl?

      • I’ve also had the problem with when my girls are walking in there raibboots the vinyl “scrunches” and starts to feel off, I thought at first it was BC I had plain cricut vinyl so I then bought outdoor vinyl (oracal 651) and it is still doing it, I live the look of vinyl on boots but not having luck with the vinyl staying on, any solutions, You can provide?

        • You could treat the boot first with a medium like mod podge (you’ll need to use a compatible finish) before applying the vinyl to make it a more stickable surface. I have also heard a sealer or additional layer of mod podge has worked. Let me know.

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