The Last Day of School

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If there’s one thing I love, it’s the heart of a teacher. I have been blessed with a school where my children’s teachers have quickly become my most treasured friends. It’s not because I’m that mom who’s always there with wonderful crafts to enhance the classroom, because I’m not. Nor is it because I volunteer for every field trip and class party…because I usually don’t. I’ve learned I don’t have to be everything for everybody all the time.

Lessons I Learned from my 1st Grade Class {the House of Hendrix}But what I do give my teachers, are hugs that speak volumes. They dedicate their days to shaping the hearts of our babies, often spending more waking hours with them than we do.

When I entrust my child to their teacher, our relationship is turbo-charged. You see, my kids are my soft spot. You can’t mess with them because I have a HUGE mama bear within. With a teacher though, I want them to know my child’s weaknesses and struggles upfront. It’s humbling and makes me vulnerable. A teacher sees my heart exposed and raw, and in turn I get a glimpse of theirs…patient, comforting, full of compassion, and wise.

I imagine I am not the only mom that has cried during parent-teacher conferences or year end celebration. Where there is deep love, there is even deeper emotion. There is an unspoken understanding between a mom and teacher. I love my teachers, and their heart and passion for children is an encouragement to me.

I want to share part¬†a letter my son’s 1st grade teacher read to her class on the last day of school, her beautiful heart so clearly evident: (click here to read the entire letter)

Lessons I Learned from My First grade Class [the House of Hendrix}

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7 thoughts on “The Last Day of School

  1. Having a relationship with my son’s teachers has always been important to me. He is highly gifted but emotionally immature. In the 4th grade he was having problems communicating his feelings. We had several meetings with his teachers and I expressed how important it was that they communicate to me what he did at school because he acted differently at home. His science teacher called me at least once a week, provided him with additional resources to keep him from getting bored at school, often with her own money. He resolved most of his social issues that year and I owe that to her.

  2. I too cry during parent teacher conferences. Vulnerable is the perfect word too. The teacher’s comments are beautiful. You are lucky.

  3. It’s not just the moms that get emotional about their kids. My stomach hurt reading this post and I don’t even know this Jesus, teacher or you. “To not lose sight of him”? He wasn’t in my sight til this. My kids don’t live with me so their distance makes me vulnerable and lonely. I bet teachers see that all the time. Hoping my boy gets a teacher like this, even with the Jesus stuff. I got to this sight by the really funny ‘mom of Boys’ post. I could add a few to that one. thanks, i think.

  4. I pray my children will see this kind of love where ever they go! You are so blessed! Thank you for the inspiration you are!

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