Running out of words

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Do you ever just run out of words? It’s not that your brain stops, you just don’t want to speak. That’s me. I’ll be chatting away with friends having a really good time and then BAM. I’m out of words. I can listen and appreciate your words, just don’t make me talk. I’m good.

I think it’s an often misunderstood thing, the personality of an outgoing introvert. I love my girlfriends and often get rather hyper around them. When my friend Paige visited me one time, we were both so excited, I knocked the handle off the kitchen faucet within the first 10 minutes of her visit. It didn’t go back on either. So energy is not my issue, I have plenty of it.

I just have a limited number of words each day, and the only way to get more is to be alone. I’m like a rechargable battery. My husband has grown accustomed to his often silent wife…until morning, when I’m raring to chat.

This quote says it all.

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4 thoughts on “Running out of words

  1. Yep, sounds very familiar… Sorry, that’s me done. I’ll just be going on Stand-By mode now, please do go ahead and keep talking.
    I feel a bit stupid around people I don’t know well, when that happens, but my friends still hang around so they’ve obviously just gotten used to it by now. But it must be a bit off-putting. One minute I’m Super Engaged and Enthusiastic and then… blank.
    Ah well, the world would be a duller place without us, don’t you think?

    • Michelle, I accidently published this post. How scattered am I? It was going to actually go somewhere, I just hadn’t decided where. I realized it a this morning and just started laughing. Oh the imperfection within! Feel free to finish it if you’d like. I’m sick in bed. 🙂

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