35 Gifts that inspire Adventure in Boys

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Help your kids put down the electronics and inspire a little adventure in your backyard this summer!

I like toys that don’t make noise or break easily. I seek gifts that  foster an adventurist spirit in my children and encourage activity and relationship between people.

If you have a son and know me in real life, I have told you about my deep LOVE for JM Cremps–  the boy’s adventure store. The majority of the toys in our home are from this family-run business out of Minnesota. It’s been my one-stop Christmas shopping spot for the past 3 years. For that reason, many things on this list are from there because… it’s my AWESOME secret store. Enough about the store, on with the gifts.

My Top Picks to inspire Adventure in boys ( and girls!):

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Slackline - 35 Holiday Gifts that Inspire Adventure in BoysSlackline

Hot gift this season. Anchor the slackline between 2 trees and balance your way across this narrow strip. The advanced version can even be used with skateboards and skis.

Slackline for beginners -35 Holiday Gifts that Inspire Adventure in BoysMilitary Surplus Tent $29

Perfect for backyard forts.

35 Holiday Gifts that Inspire Adventure in Boys

Handcrafted Animal Slingshots$9.99

Choice of 7 animals – My boys spend hours outside trying to knock over cans and hit each other…I mean targets.Hand crafted animal slingshot - (35 Holiday Gifts that Inspire Adventure in Boys)

Backyard Zipline

So fun for the right backyard.Zipline (35 Holiday Gifts that Inspire Adventure in Boys)

Medic Bag $12.99

Shockingly popular with my children!! Before I gave these to my kids, I filled them with camo duct tape, bandaids, a wooden (not sharp) pocket knife, a mini first aid kit, a camo water bottle, string and caution tape from the dollar store, and some books on survival in the outdoors and  What to make with Duct Tape They staged “animal rescues”, climbed trees roping off weak branches, and had picnics under strange bushes. They were a huge hit. Every tool in that bag was used to its fullest.

Medic Bag (35 Holiday Gifts that Inspire Adventure in Boys)

Rubberband Gun – start at $12 

These have been so much fun that I went back to get one for my husband. I bought a pack of extra “ammo” or rubberbands which was a wise investment.

Rubberband Gun (35 Holiday Gifts that Inspire Adventure in Boys)

Z-Curve Bow and Arrow

This set is made of foam.There is also a Wolverine bow and arrow set for boys more self-controlled than my own.

Bow and Arrow (35 Holiday Gifts that Inspire Adventure in Boys)Metal Detector

Spend hours searching for loose change and metal treasures. Detects up to 3 feet deepMetal Detector - 35 Gifts that Inspire Adventure in Boys

Young Architect Kit

Design rooms and shapes in 3d design. Great building set for aspiring architects.Younbd Architect kit

Electronic Snap Circuits

  • Contains over 60 Snap-Together parts. Build over 300 exciting projects.
  • Build a Radio, Doorbell, burglar alarm and more

Electronic Snap Circuits. Teach kids how to create electricity

Other favorites:








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12 thoughts on “35 Gifts that inspire Adventure in Boys

  1. Love this list! I, too, dread buying the gift for the sake of having a gift. I want it to be used- not wasted, valued versus the item under the bed or hidden in the back of the closet.

  2. Most of this would also suit a girl, if she enjoyed girl-guide (girl scout) style outside play. I could pitch a tent by age 11 and loved outdoors play even archery. Perhaps this is a list for kids in general who love the great outdoors.

    • Absolutely! My daughter gets many of these gifts too. I was simply asked by some moms for suggestions of gift ideas for boys, and these were our faves….boy or girl. I should have clarified better. Have a great night.

  3. This is a great post! My kids are all getting just one quality gift they can share and not 10 that will be thrown in a corner 2 days after Christmas:) Now I know what I’m getting them…a slackline!! Thank you Allison!

  4. i’m curious by the number of weapons on the list. You don’t end up with injuries? I think of my seven year old with a sling shot and a bow and arrow, and rubber band gun (which intrigues me but I can just see him shooting it as his sister over and over again when I’m not in sight.) Do your boys just have a high degree of self control (or maybe my kid is a psychopath,) If I could understand how the rubber band gun is made to be fun and not painful I might just get it. To be clear, my kid will create guns out of Legos -it sure seems to be in his nature – but even with Nerf or anything with a missile coming out of it, will end up in his sister’s eye, and more screaming than I want to imagine!

    • Your comment cracks me up because I relate so well. My kids are not high on the self-control spectrum. My first child was a girl, so I declared our home “weapon-free” for the first 5 years of parenting. It wasn’t long before one son turned his pillow into a gun while another used a rubber band to fling paper at his siblings. They just came out of me with this need for battle. So we thought we’d embrace it and train it, but with boundaries. We found that “allowing weapons” with clearly defined boundaries removed the random aggression against each other. Now they have targets on trees (not their brother’s back) and we have nerf gun fights with dad and googles. The sling shots knock over cans not their sister’s head. If they use it in an inappropriate manner, they lose it. Every child and family is different though. We have 2 boys, so they play differently with each other than they do with their sister.

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