My Quest for Gentleness

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How often do we skip gentleness in our routines as we rush through our lives?

A friend asked me today, “How are you?” I paused for a moment before answering,


Have you ever felt that way? Like you are walking around emotionally vulnerable, free of any pretense that could suggest to someone otherwise. A simple hug or compliment just might bring you to tears?

I’m experiencing something in my life right now that I can’t fix. All of the love in my heart can’t make it better. And it leaves me…raw.

Even though I feel like a fresh wound walking around without a Band-Aid, this place of unsought vulnerability is reshaping me…for the better.

For starters, my heart is acutely sensitive to the Lord. I’m shooting up prayers left and right like He’s my best friend. That’s a good place for me to be: for anyone to be.

Secondly, I’m learning there are times I wish I could wear a “Fragile” sign around my neck because the unnecessary comments, the subtle jabs, and the harsh tones sting. But then I come across a person who breathes a soft word of encouragement into my soul, and I find an inexplicable refreshment.

So here’s the beauty about being stripped down. We can quickly see where we need to change. I want an increased sensitivity to the tired and tender.  I want to be that breath of gentleness to the raw people in my life. I want my words, actions, and judgements so saturated with gentleness that it can’t help but encourage. I want my gentleness to be evident to all…and it’s often not.

It’s so simple yet in the rush of our lives, we often skip it in our interactions with people.

My prayer is that I remain in this raw state until my desire to be more gentle becomes an extension of who I am. We are used in each others lives with great purpose, and today I am incredibly thankful for the gentle ways people have touched my heart and ministered to my spirit.

May our raw days reshape us to better love one other.

♥ Allison

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20 thoughts on “My Quest for Gentleness

  1. The Lord knows just what we need and when we need it. He knew that I needed to hear what you were feeling because it was how I was feeling. It’s like you knew my heart and was putting it down in writing for others to read. And I thank you and Him for soothing my rawness today! I pray that God will bless you and comfort you today, my Sister in Christ! Love and well wishes from your Sister in Alabama!

  2. Another beautiful post. Felt completely raw this past weekend after the death of a friend. Other friends leaned in, and covered the “raw” with love and comfort. This post is going to do the same for many others. Thank you, Alli. As always, right on.

    • Thank Kevin. I have learned a lot this week by watching your church family come together through loss and cover the raw with love. I love watching God use people to do His work. It’s stirring.

  3. I know that feeling and I love the way you are allowing this tough season to change you for the better trusting that whatever God has put in your life is there to bring about good rather than to harm you (“for I know the plans I have for you, to prosper you and not to harm…). We live in a world where there are so many opportunities to run from our pain to alcohol, shopping, pills whatever but you are facing it and receiving all that our good and faithful Lord wants to do with it. I encourage you to spend time in His presence by sitting quietly and giving your attention to Him and Him alone asking Him to show you what he wants you to learn. You will look back on this time of growth and see it as gold from heaven. Peace sister.

  4. Thank you for stamping an image onto my feelings. Right now I’m at a dead end stop in my life because of my employer’s choices. I have been feeling like I have one leg in a pool of depression, but your visual of a fresh wound without a bandaid is closer to describing my hurt that goes unnoticed. I want to lay down all of my obligations and just quit. I’m trying to remember my Easter theme: when Jesus had just sweated blood in the garden, he rose to face His death, but on the way- He stopped to heal a man’s ear. Lord, lift my head up from my wounds to see the needs of those around me and give me strength to reach outward.

    • Nancy, thank you so much for sharing a piece of your heart with me. I know it can feel like our pain goes unnoticed, but as you pointed out, it IS noticed by the One who can bring healing and comfort. Your prayer so touched me, “reach outward”. Sometimes we can be most effective in this raw unfiltered state because we are extra sensitive to the needs around us. Praying right now over you Nancy for a renewed strength. Keep in touch. I’d love an update on your work situation.

  5. I just stumbled upon this, and I know without a doubt God led me to it. I have been praying and thinking about the fruits of the Spirit. And about gentleness. Sometimes it’s so hard to know what gentleness looks like, and I think sometimes it gets confused for weakness. Thanks for a great perspective and some things to really ponder. Raw is real.

    • Thanks so much Katie. I have been working through the fruits of the spirit with my kids this summer and gentleness is a tough one for them at the moment. Sometimes I think we better understand how to give it only fafter we receive it…kind of like grace. Thanks again for commenting

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