Box of Memories

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Perfect sentimental gift for the parent, grandparent, and loved one. Fill a chest with memories and enjoy the experience of reminiscing together. Check out how to involve your kids. | the House of Hendrix #fathersday

Certain people in my life are hard to buy a gift for. They have meant so much to me, that simply spending money on them does not feel like a meaningful expression of my gratitude for their presence in my life. Father’s Day is one of those occasions.

In case you are still searching for that something special for your husband, father, or grandpa, I wanted to share an idea I used on my dad’s birthday.

A Box of Memories

My father was turning 65 so I filled a box with 65 of my favorite memories with him. Any amount would obviously work for Father’s Day. The first 5 are the hardest to think up, but after that I found it hard to stop.

I printed them on the white side of scrapbook paper so the color would add a cute pop.This gift will absolutely delight the recipient. Great tutorial on creating a box of memories for a loved one. |the House of Hendrix #fathersday

I cut them out and put them in a small chest I found at TJ Maxx. Great tutorial for creating a box of memories.  Such a thoughtful gift for a parent or grandparent| The House of Hendrix #fathersday

This best part of this gift is the experience of reading each memory out loud together. You laugh and cry as you delve deeper into each story.

This gift brings people together and is relationship-based.

The chest can be set on an end table for decor, but each time it’s opened, it brings a smile to one’s face.

Kid’s Corner

Adapt this idea by having your children decorate a wood or plastic box and fill it with their “Favorite Things” about that person. This is sure to melt the heart of the recipient.Incredibly thoughtful gift for a parent or grandparent! Have your child decorate a box and fill it with memories and their favorite things about the person. |the House of HendrixOther fun stuff:

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7 thoughts on “Box of Memories

  1. Love this! I think our teen girls will even contribute. Dad loves to be reminded of funny times, comfort times etc. What a unique gift to treasure!

  2. This was a good idea and decided to put our own twist on it for Father’s Day. My kids (ages 1, 3, 6) and I got a box and slips of paper. Then I asked them questions about their dad. How old you think dad is? What do you love most about dad? What do you enjoy doing with him? What is dad’s favorite thing to do? Etc. The answers were hysterical. Our three year old thinks that dad’s job is to play with tractors all day (he is an engineer) and our six year thinks dad is 57 years old (he is really 35). We plan to make this a tradition. Every year on Father’s Day, dad will receive an envelope to put in his box with the year’s thoughts and memories about dad. This way we can see how the kids thinking changes over time and what was important to them about dad and when. On each slip of paper, after the quote, I included the child’s name, age, and year.

    I have started following you just recently and have come to really enjoy your posts. Thank you for sharing glimpses of you life with us. It is always thoughtful and inspiring.


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