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Want an instant soul refresher? Here are 5 videos that will inspire you to see the beauty in the human spirit this holiday season. Love the generosity and acts of kindness that surface  during the Christmas season.I am surrounded by inspiration this week and I can’t wait to share some things with you! If you’re part of our Facebook community, I have shared some of these there.

My absolute favorite story is of a woman in my town who began a Thank You Project to find and thank the people who saved her son’s life after a car accident which had taken the life of her husband.
Grab a tissue and watch where gratitude leads this precious woman.  Kellie is also a beautiful singer/songwriter. You can check out her website and blog here. 

The power of generosity – A Homeless Man gets the “Winning Lottery” ticket – or does he?


Check out the mission this man is on. It’s a secret social experiment to see how people would respond. How I wish I was there that day!

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How badly I want to do this! Any local takers want to join me?

 This morning a song came on the radio that I cry to every December.  I instructed my kids to listen to the words. The song ended as they got out of the car for school. My older 2 kids jumped out, but my youngest son lingered. I felt his hand rest on my shoulder from behind. I turned and saw tears streaming down his cheeks. “I love you so much Mommy!”  My heart melted. You will understand after you watch.


One of my All-Time Favorite songs is Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. This version has been adapted to the Christmas story.

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May we slow down enough this advent to see the beauty that surrounds us and add a little light to those faces that need it.

Joyfully, AllisonSoul refreshersfb

7 thoughts on “Refreshment for your soul

  1. Thanks so much for the Thank You post. As a health care worker all to often we never hear what happens to the bad cases that transfer out of our facility… Words can not explain the feeling of knowing that you helped turn the most horrible event in a patient’s life into something positive but just doing your job!

  2. Heart is bursting right now. Thank you for this. Love the humility of the lottery-winning homeless man. And the praise to Jesus by those in the secret elves video. Yes 🙂

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