Great is thy Father’s Love

great photos celebrating a Father's loveWhen I was younger, I was a Daddy’s little girl. My father was my hero and I knew I was his princess. He could do no wrong and I’m certain he felt the same towards me. He knew all of my imperfections yet his love covered over them all. To him, I was perfect. Still am.

This Father’s Day we celebrate that love a man has for his child- a love that is sacrificial and generous. It’s protective and forgiving. It can be misguided but filled with intention. A father’s love is not perfect because we are not perfect. Thankfully, like my dad’s love made me blameless in his eyes, God’s love not only covers the imperfections of our fathers but fills the voids where our dad’s failed. We have a father above who is perfect and loves us completely, just as we are. So as we celebrate our dads this Father’s Day, let us do so with grace and mercy, compassion and thanksgiving. And to my own father, I say thank you for teaching me what it feels like to be unconditionally loved.

A few of my favorite pictures capturing the love of a dad:

Great photos celebrating the love of our dads

(photo by Kellie Carter)

You know a good dad when you see one (photo source Huffington Post)

An Amish dad and son (photo by Melissa Picone)

great is thy Fathers love - pictures celebrating the love of a father

Jim Redmond helps son Derek across the finishing line in 1992 Olympics after a hamstring injury

Loved (photo Jason Lee)

(photo by The Blue basket)

a first shave

(link to source)

(photo by Melissa McKolay)

I love my wife

Easter Palm Frond Cross

Easter Palm Frond Cross

This is our Day 2 activity for Holy Week. To see the other days, click here

 Easter Jpeg

DAY 2 Palm Frond Crosses

It’s Palm Sunday, a special day in our home because it is the source of our son’s namesake. When I was pregnant with my 3rd, with no agreed upon baby name, Lily came home from school waving a palm frond. She explained that the people waving palm fronds as Christ entered Jeruselum were called “palmers”. I went into labor on Easter and our Palmer was born the next day. Today we are making crosses out of palm fronds. Now I do feel compelled to tell you that Palmer thought the crosses were more fun as guns. Here is a great tutorial:

How to Make aPalm Frond Cross Tutorial:



Cake Pop Display


A cute way to display cake pops 

Cake pops are tricky to display because they fall over. To stand them up you need styrofoam but it’s just not that cute.

For this display:

  • Take a piece of rectangular styrofoam and wrap it with your favorite wrapping paper.
  • Put each cake pop into an individually in little bags from Michaels,picmonkey_image
  • Stick them in the styrofoam
  • Add a card to frame the backdrop
  • you have a great Break Room treat.