My Sock Obsession

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Socks are the cutest stocking stuffer

My Sock Obsession

My sister-in-law gave me these socks from Notes to Self  for Christmas, and I have been OBSESSED with them ever since.  They just make me happy!

I have given them as gifts to pretty much everybody, so now I am sharing them with you. It’s my version of Oprah’s Favorite Things except, we don’t get them free (although they did give me an affiliate link).

My favorites are the “I am Blessed” and “I am Grateful” ones. Oh, how I love those little reminders throughout my day!


I gave them to my girlfriend with a note reading,  “I am blessed and grateful for you. Happy Birthday!”

They’re also the Perfect gift for:

  • Mother’s Day & Father’s Day
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Friend’s Birthday
  • Baby gifts

I am Smart! What a terrific message to send these kids!

I just bought these ‘Perfectly Me’ and ‘I am Strong’ ones for my 12 year old daughter. Adore this line of socks! They are the perfect gift for...anybody!What a great gift for our daughters! I am strong headband and socks. Love this line!

Don’t they make you smile? They even make these itty bitty ones for babies and big one’s for Dad.

Gift for Parents

Ok I will stop with the socks, but if you want to check out the Notes to Self website, here’s the link.

Joyfully, Allison


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