the 12 Pins of Christmas

the 12 Pins of ChristmasWhat better way to kick off the holiday season than with my favorite 12 Pins of Christmas! If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have seen me collecting these festive finds.

Here are my FAVORITE pins of the season. 

Powdered Doughnut Snowmen

Such a fresh take on decorating gingerbread men. Love this idea by Worth Pinning to transform a powdered doughnut into a snowman. Love!Powdered Doughnut Snowman by Worth Pinning

Marshmallow Winter Wonderland

Transform a table into a wintery delight by stringing marshmallows together to create a snowy dream. (via Mon Carnet by Wednesday Custom Design)Marshmallow Winter Wonderland (via Mon Carnet and team Wednesday Custom Design)

Charming Hand-Stamped Ornaments

Love how The Swenglish Home used leftover pieces of wood to create these adorable hand stamped sayings. We’re definitely trying this.Hand stamped Ornaments by The Swengish Home

The 12 Letters of Christmas

Ever wonder just what Santa and the Elves are up to? I do. Print these 12 letters and leave one out each morning to hear how it’s going on the North Pole. The stories are ADORABLE!! One day they run out of wrapping paper. Another day is the story of how the reindeer learned to fly. (by Soda Pop Avenue)12 Letters of Christmas Banner  by Soda Pop Ave

Ornament Key

Love this idea of turning a key from a previous home into an ornament. Sweet memories not forgotten. (from In my Own Style)From In My Style - turn an old key into an ornament to rekindle sweet memories each year.

Minute to Win it Holiday Party Games

Have a snowball toss by throwing marshmallows through a hanging wreath. Slide a gingerbread man from your forehead to your mouth. Or be the first to stack cups in the shape of a Christmas tree. Check out these and more minute to win it games over at Callie Grace.Callie Grace created some fabulous Minute to Win it games for a Holiday Party

Edible Snow Globe and Gingerbread cookie recipe

Can you imagine eating something so adorable?  What a lovely and unforgettable dessert. Check out the tutorial and recipe at Ya a la Venta.Edible Snow Globe by Ya A La Venta. What could be cuter?

Explaining Santa when the time Comes

Although the magical belief in Santa is still alive in all 3 of my children and husband, I love this letter of explanation to have on hand. (via cafe mom).A letter explaining if Santa is real bvia Cafe Mom

Holiday Bailey’s Drink

Freeze coffee in ice cube trays. For a festive and delicious Holiday drink, pour Bailey’s and Vanilla Vodka over the coffee cubes. Absolutely delicious.Holiday Drink - Freeze coffee cubes and add Baileys and Vanilla Vodka. Love these 12 ideas!!!

Christmas Tree Stump Ornament

Love the idea of saving a slice off your tree and turning it into an ornament. Great idea for newlyweds or a baby’s first Christmas. (idea off Pinterest by Prayers and Prozac)Use a slice off a tree as a future ornament. (via Pinterest. Sourced to Prayers and Prozac)

Santa’s official Live Reindeer Cam

Watch Santa feed his reindeer each day through a live video stream. Feedings are every day at 11:00, 6pm , and 9pmReindeer Cam - watch Santa feed the reindeer via this live reindeer camera

Magical Tulle Christmas Lights

When I saw this pin, I immediately knew I wanted to light up my daughter’s room with this great idea from Hayseed Homemakin‘. She simply tied tulle next to each twinkle light. Beautiful.Adorable idea by Hayseed and Homemakin' - Add a soft touch by simply tying strips of tulle to twinkle lights.

If you want more festive ideas, follow along with us on Pinterest. Have a blessed holiday season.

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When you can’t seem to find your joy…

When life doesn't look like you think it shouldWe are in a season of gratitude. Everywhere we look are articles, ideas, and crafts about being thankful. We pin it. Share it. Post it. Like it.  We know a thankful heart brings joy to the soul but…

But…sometimes it’s just not that easy. For many of us, life doesn’t look how we think it should. Our loved ones get sick, seriously sick. Spouses have affairs. Finances suffocate us. Businesses crumble. Children rebel. We’re single in a world of marrieds. We feel lonely. Depressed. Down.When life doesn't look like you think it should {the House of Hendrix}

The holidays can feel like a celebration of how much fuller everybody else’s life appears. If we have it, the indulgence of food, family, and activity can cover up that pit of emptiness, but the lack of those things can accentuate just what we think we’re missing.

Be thankful? Really? Have you seen my life lately?

I’ve had some of those Thanksgivings where we go around the table sharing what we are thankful for. As such blessings as job promotions and accomplishments were spoken, I wept sharing mine.  “I’m thankful for financial scholarships. I’m thankful my marriage is surviving unemployment. I’m thankful this year is almost over and a new one is beginning.”When life doesn't look like you think it should. Keep reading post at the House of Hendrix

We often have to be strong to endure what’s on our plate, and we persevere when we really just want to crumble. It’s scary to soften our hearts for a moment, to see past the pain of struggle, and to be thankful…but that is where the good stuff lies.

Sometimes being stripped down allows us to understand gratitude with a new depth and purity.  In every lousy situation we have a choice, an opportunity to be thankful. An opportunity to choose joy.

So if life doesn’t look how you think it should…if it’s harder than you thought…lonelier than you thought…if it’s exhausting, look again.

Look with fresh eyes.
Look without comparison.
Look for a sprinkling of beauty on a tough situation.
Look for a joy that doesn’t match your circumstance.
Look for the unexpected blessings.
Expect them.
God adores you, even when His voice is quiet.

Today, let’s be sensitive that our plates aren’t always equal. Let’s look beyond ourselves and encourage one another. Add a chair to your table, even if it messes up the dynamics.

Let’s make our lives a place of refreshment to others. Let’s cling to the blessings of today and be joyful. ♥ Allison

I am thankful for my readers. If you would like to connect further, please join our Facebook community.

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Post - When life doesn't look how you think it should - Keep reading at The House of Hendrix

A Tree of Gratitude

Post sponsored by Alpha-Bits as part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. – See more at:
Post sponsored by Alpha-Bits as part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. – See more at: s

Post sponsored by Alpha-Bits as part of the Mom it Forward Blogger Network.A Gratitude Tree - a character-building lesson for each step as handprints are used for branches, fingerprints for leaves, forearm as the trunk and #alphabits to share our thankful hearts. {the House of Hendrix}

In our time-crunched world, I’m drawn to activities that are festive, educational, and character-building. So as we continue our focus this month on gratitude,  I came up with a craft  that combines:Tree of Gratitude - A character-building lesson included with each step of this craft #alphabits

  • character development
  • snack time
  • letter recognition
  • sorting/ matching/word formation
  • and a great gift for grandma

The Tree of Gratitude can easily be adapted to kids of varying ages. My 11 year old had just as much fun as my 6 year old. Here’s what you’ll need:

My kids immediately started sorting the Alpha Bits cereal into rows of letters. With every ‘A’ that was lined up, an ‘A’ went into their tummy. The possible craft projects with these little letters were buzzing through my head…if we could just stop eating them. This whole grain cereal is delish! The shaped pieces can also help little ones become familiar with letters of the alphabet while challenging older kids to form words and expressions of gratitude. r-building lesson included with each step of this craft (The House of Hendrix) #alphabitsBegin by making the trunk of the tree with your forearm. We used brown paint on the outer side of your arm and then pressed onto paper.

Character Lesson –  Our bodies are like a trunk of a tree. The bark protects the good things the roots absorb while also keeping harmful things away. How can we use our bodies to nourish and also protect our hearts?r-building lesson included with each step of this craft (The House of Hendrix) #alphabits

Make the leaves of the tree with green hand prints. We filled in a few gaps with a paintbrush.

Character Lesson – We can use our hands to serve others.r-building lesson included with each step of this craft (The House of Hendrix) #alphabitsUse fingerprints to add some leaves to the branches.

Character Lesson – Our fingerprints are unlike anybody else in the world. We are each made special and with purpose.r-building lesson included with each step of this craft (The House of Hendrix) #alphabitsAfter the paint dries, spell out words of things that you are thankful for with the Alpha Bits cereal. You may help younger children with this step by writing out their words on a separate paper for them to duplicate.  Glue their words of thanksgiving onto the branches of the tree.

Character Lesson – Our words are a reflection of our hearts. Let’s use words of thanksgiving and of encouragement for one another.

r-building lesson included with each step of this craft (The House of Hendrix) #alphabits Tree of Gratitude- a craft and character-building lesson with each step {the House of Hendrix} #alphabitsThe Gratitude Tree can be a keepsake or a gift. Ours are proudly displayed on our playroom walls. Thanks for stopping by for craft time today. Allison

I am grateful for my readers. If you missed our Thanksgiving Advent post, you can learn how we use November to prepare our hearts for the indulgence of December here.A Gratitude Tree - Includes a character-building lesson for each step. I love when a craft strengthens not just fine motor skills but the heart as well. |the House of Hendrix

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