20 Things I received from my Mother

20 Things I became because of my Mom. A tribute to our moms. [the House of Hendrix}Today is Mother’s Day and no gift seems appropriate…no gift ever seems appropriate because I have received so much from her.

She gave me life.

She gave me a childhood filled with joy and love.

She gave me the confidence to become the woman I am today.

As I reflect upon her role in my life, I weep.  I weep because I am overwhelmed by the goodness she has lavished upon me.

The prayers. The counsel. The encouragement.

The discipline. The friendship. The fun.

I do not want to honor her memory after she’s past. I want to honor her today. Every day.

I want to celebrate my mom.

20 Things I became because of my Mom. What do you hope to instill in your children?A tribute to our moms. [the House of Hendrix}


♥ Thank you for giving me encouragement when you might have needed some yourself. You have been a constant cheerleader in my life and that has made me secure.

♥ Thank you for showing me that everybody in our lives is in need of that encouragement from the taxi driver to my boss. That has made me aware.

♥ Thank you for teaching me that beauty is not just skin deep but is a reflection of your heart….and that nothing makes you sparkle more than a peaceful, joy-filled soul. That helped define my self-image in a culture that suggests otherwise.

♥ Thank you for modeling that you don’t have to raise your voice in a marriage to win an argument…that a gentle and quiet spirit speaks boldly and with effect. That has made me a better wife.20 Things I became because of my Mom. What do you hope to instill in your children?A tribute to our moms. [the House of Hendrix}

♥ Thank you for always seeing the best in me, never becoming exasperated or critical of my imperfections, but affirming the woman you know me to be. That has inspired me to do great things.

♥ Thank you feeding me nutritious foods at a time when health food stores smelled really funny. That has made me appreciate Whole Foods on an olfactory level (and taught me how to respect my body).

♥ Thank you for teaching me proper etiquette. That has given me confidence in formal settings, never feeling like I don’t belong.

♥ Thank you for decorating for the holidays and making us feel special on our birthdays. You taught me how to bring warmth to a home and make an ordinary day memorable.  That has taught me how to truly celebrate life.

 Thank you for being a strong woman not afraid to speak truth. That has taught me to be bold in my own convictions.

20 Things I became because of my Mom. What do you hope to instill in your children?A tribute to our moms. [the House of Hendrix}

♥ Thank you for reminding me: “the difference between hope and despair is a good night sleep”.  That has gotten me through many teary evenings.

♥ Thank you showing us how to find joy in the messiest of circumstances. You created a family that wasn’t moody. That has allowed me to see the blessings when life is really hard.

♥ Thank you for your passion to travel and “smell the city”. My richest academic lessons came from the trips you meticulously planned. That has given me a love for learning and an appreciation for history and art.

♥ Thank you for teaching me the scriptures. They have been an unwavering foundation in my life.

♥ Thank you for nurturing me when I am sick. No matter my age, nothing soothes my weary body quite like the voice of my mama.

♥ Thank you for telling me I was your favorite child.  I realize you told all of us that, but I also know you meant it with me.  That makes me feel special.

♥ Thank you for showing me how to forgive…to forgive when you’ve been wronged…and when the wound is deep. You showed me the freedom that forgiveness brings and the restoration possible. That taught me mercy and healing.

♥♥♥ But above all, thank you for loving me. I have never known a day apart from your love, and that is a priceless gift. YOU are a gift to me.

So today, on this day that we celebrate you, I hope my life has honored you, brought you joy, and is pleasing to your soul.   I love you mom.The House of Hendrix

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25 Superfoods that your kid’s just might eat

25 Superfoods and recipes that your family just might like [the House of Hendrix}Superfoods are just that…SUPER foods. They can heal our bodies, protect out bodies, control our behavior, ward of cancer, lower our cholesterol, fight inflammation, and help our brains have greater focus. As adults, it’s a no brainer. We know what we should be eating.

Often though we dismiss offering Superfoods to our families because we assume they won’t eat a plate of raw kale. So I compiled a list of nutritionally-dense foods that offer both added health benefits AND my children will eat.  It serves as a shopping list for me, helping me make intentional choices. When we fill our diets with lots of healthy foods, there is less room for the other stuff.

Here we go:


Yup! It’s a superfood. Thank goodness because I LOVE dessert. Just make sure it’s 70% pure cocoa and isn’t Dutch processed (that takes out the good stuff). Hershey’s, for instance, makes both a dutch processed and a “natural” version.

  • benefits : Loaded with antioxidants which fight free radicals. Stimulates blood flow to the brain aiding cognitive development.  Helps keeps your heart healthy and protects against sun damage
  • kid-friendly ideas: a cup of hot cocoa; mix into smoothies; sprinkle on top of yogurt, strawberries, or bananas
  • recipes

2. Sweet Potatoes

This deep orange vegetable is sweet, filing, and a powerhouse of nutrition.

  • benefits: Filled with potassium, iron, fiber, vitamin A, B6, C & D. May protect vision & help prevent heart attacks. Added plus, the magnesium may aid in reducing stress by promoting relaxation.
  • kid-friendly recipe

3. Artichokes

Who wouldn’t want to pluck, dip, and slide your teeth off the leaves of this Super-fun steamed veggie? Only problem, my 25 Superfoods that your family just might eat {the House of Hendrix}kids don’t stop at one and my pot isn’t big enough to make 8.

4. Oatmeal

Breakfast of choice for my boys. We add chopped apples and cinnamon for a delicious morning treat.

5. Pumpkin

This deep orange seasonal fruit should be enjoyed all year round, although we tend to OD on it during the fall months.

  • benefits: antioxidants reduce inflammation and aid in joint health. High in fiber and both Vitamin A and C. Can protect the eyes and  is good for the skin.
  • kid-friendly ideas: roast pumpkin seeds, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pancakes
  • sneak: replace oil in baking recipes with canned pumpkin
  • recipes

6. Nut/Nut Butters

A day does not go by in our house without a handful of nuts and a smear of nut butter. My children have been known to eat nut butter by the spoonful. A standard breakfast request in our house “Mini-wheats, peanut butter and milk please”

7. Dark Greens (kale/spinach)

Don’t rule out kale until you’ve at least tried kale chips. Spinach and Kale can be prepared so that even the pickiest of eaters will be coming back for more.

8.  Kiwi

Although it was a manatee in my son’s science project last year, we more regularly enjoy this fruit by the case from Costco

  • benefits: more vitamin C than oranges. Strengthens immune system & aids in cardiovascular health. Fiber-rich.
  • kid-friendly ideas: cubed over vanilla frozen yogurt

9. Eggs

Hard boiled or scrambled,  poached or over easy, we love eggs!25 Superfoods that your Family just might eat [the House of Hendrix]

10. Hummus/Chickpea beans

You will never buy hummus again. So easy. So smooth. No aftertaste. Absolutely delicious!|the House of HendrixHummus makes the perfect nutritious dip for carrots, celery, bell peppers, and tomatoes.

11. Seeds – sunflower, pumpkin, flax, chia

Another popular staple in our home. We throw sunflower seeds on our salads and into trail mix, pumpkin seeds in our lunch box, and flax in our smoothies.

12. Soybeans/Edamame

13. Berries – Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries

Nobody needs encouragement to eat these delicious fruits. The fact that they are healthy too is just a delight.

  • benefits: Some of the highest content of disease-fighting antioxidants there is. It’s high in vitamins, has anti-inflammatory effects, and may reduce the effects if age-related memory loss.
  • kid-friendly ideas – fruit kabob
  • recipes 

14. Quinoa

Forbes calls it the SuperGrain of the future. It’s protein-rich and almost double the fiber of other grains.

15. Avocado:

16. Tomatoes

25 Superfoods that your family just might eat [The House of Hendrix}

From pizzas to salads, salsa to soup, everybody can find a way to like tomatoes

17. Yogurt

Our family has transitioned to Greek Yogurt because of it’s higher protein content but any yogurt with live cultures and a lower sugar content will have great health benefits.

  • benefits: good source of protein & calcium. Live cultures help increase immune system and intestinal health.
  • sneak: replacement for sour cream in recipes like tacos and dips. Replace oil in baking with it. I’ve had great results brownies & corn bread recipes.
  • kid-friendly recipes – parfaits & smoothies

18. Cinnamon 

This spice is a great way to add added nutrition to your family’s diet, and it’s a natural food preservative.25 Superfoods that your family just might eat

  • benefits: regulates blood sugar, may lower bad cholesterol, has anit-infectious properties, and has even shown to reduce menstrual pain.
  • kid-friendly ideas – mix into your morning oatmeal. add to muffin, pancake, cookie batters. Sprinkle in soup or on top of ice cream. Cinnamon toast
  • recipes

19. Green Tea

OK, so it’s not a food but it is so good for you, it had to make the list. Chose decaf varieties for children.

  • benefits: Filled with antioxidants and it keeps your immune system strong. Studies have shown it can reduce the size of tumors and in some cases actually make cancer cells die.
  • kid-friendly ideas – decaf green tea with juice and honey

21.  Citrus – Lemons, grapefruits, and oranges

22. Cocount Oil 

I just discovered this last year and have loved experimenting with it. it adds a GREAT texture to baked goods.

23. Salmon/tuna 

I don’t like salmon, but you should. It’s SO good for you.

24. Peppers – Red, Green, Yellow, Orange.

25. Amazing Gras Kid’s Superfood Chocolate Powder 

25 Superfoods that your kids might actually eat.

When all else fails, get your fruits  and veggies in this chocolate powder. We mix it in milk or smoothies. For years my children thought this was “chocolate milk” and drank it obsessively until one day, they had the real thing. Start young.

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35 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Girlfriends

35 Things I want my Daughter to Know about Girlfriends [the House of Hendrix}Mine are called The Tias. Yours may be called The YaYa’s or simply the Girls. In any case they are the trusted women who show up when life stinks and celebrate when it doesn’t. They are strong, loyal friends who think you’re beautiful in sweats but fully appreciate a sassy outfit or new tassle necklace. Last year when Tiff came to the pool in her fabulous find, an Old Navy striped bikini, Paige and I immediately ran out and bought the same one. 35 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Girlfriends {the House of Hendrix}Didn’t need to ask.

The Tias know both the tenderness and selfishness of my heart and love me anyways. They aren’t afraid to tell me I need a haircut, nor would I be offended. They have earned that right. We have been friends for over 30 years. Longevity doesn’t necessarily elicit a deeper friendship but it sure keeps you from having to explain yourself. They know my stories…my failures…my hiccups. They remember…and graciously forget.

They remind me of my strength and never withhold a compliment. Life’s too short not to celebrate one other.

After I had my 1st miscarriage, I intended to grieve with a glass of wine while watching the red carpet of the Oscars. Some of the Tias drove 6 hours in black tie gowns to surprise me just before it began. They fed me cookie dough off a silver platter and carpeted my floor with red towels so I too could walk the red carpet. We chatted about our favorite dresses and hair styles, and then sobbed during commercials over my empty womb…then they drove 6 hours home. Loyal! Dependable! They show up when it matters!35 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Girlfriends {the House of Hendrix}

We laugh hard and cry easily, often at the same time. We help each other embrace our imperfections as women, wives and mothers.

This past week we were able to all be together. I returned home yesterday refreshed and inspired by these amazing ladies, their spouses and children. They fill me with JOY.

My prayer is that my daughter too will find these special relationships, ones that don’t judge but can ask the hard questions. Friendships where competition and insecurity are replaced by encouragement and trust. I desire for my daughter to truly know how to celebrate other women because once that is mastered, a Tia has been made.35 Things I want my Daughter to know about Girlfriends [the House of Hendrix}

35 things I want my daughter to know about Girlfriends:

(a collection from a few of my trusted gals)

  1. True girlfriends are those who will tell you the good and the bad. And find a way to make you feel OK about both.
  2. Your best friend may have other friends too. That’s ok.
  3. A girlfriend understands that we all want to feel celebrated on our birthdays.
  4. Girlfriends come in all colors, shapes, and energy levels. Don’t have a type. You will miss out.
  5. We are all imperfect people. Your friends will disappoint you. Forgive them even before they ask.
  6. True girlfriends are those who meet you in the middle, and sit with you if the moment calls for sitting, and walk with you when you can move forward again.
  7.  Be brave enough to be real. Your Authentic self is enough.
  8. You know she’s a true girlfriend when you don’t clean up before she comes over… you’re comfortable allowing her to see YOU, mess and all.
  9. A lack of phone contact should not breed insecurity, just an excitement for when you finally do connect. Pick up where you left off, no guilt or hesitation. Life is hard and we all know it. Grace should be freely given.
  10. Life gets busy though. Be intentional.
  11. Love them well. That will look different for each friend.
  12. Truly good friends are your best cheerleaders– they make you feel like everything you want is possible.
  13. If you find a friend that can make you laugh so hard you pee….don’t let her go.
  14. There are no gasps or judgement when your child has a meltdown in front of her. Just a chuckle and a story about when her own child slapped her mother-in-law in the face.
  15. Always reach out to the new girl in school or life. Always. 
  16. A phone date together with a glass of wine and sleeping children can be as fulfilling as a dinner out.
  17. True girlfriends are those who take and give in equal measure – but always remember to measure over the length of a yard and not over the length of an inch.
  18. There’s a fine line between sharing information and gossiping. Don’t cross it and ask your friends to do the same.
  19. You can make a friend feel loved by loving on her children.
  20. It is a blessing to have an intimate few but always have room at your table. Be the anti-clique clique.
  21. Don’t be a high maintenance friend, life’s hard enough. Just love well and often.
  22. Laugh and cry together, often at the same time.
  23. Don’t flirt with her boyfriend, spouse or love interest.
  24. Remember your life and family are not supposed to look like hers. You were created differently. Don’t compare.
  25. Friends should never feel like an obligation.
  26. Girlfriends know when to simply say “you will get through this, I promise.”
  27. When you know you are crazy, your girlfriend can assure you, you are normal, even though you are crazy.
  28. A girlfriend understands your hormones, at all the different stages of womanhood.
  29. Be Trustworthy  “A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.”
  30. True girlfriends always know how to point out the best in each other.
  31. Apologize when you screw up, because you will.
  32. Don’t just say you’re going to pray for her, actually pray, even when she doesn’t ask.
  33. Know the purity of her heart. It’ll make it easier to give her the benefit of doubt.
  34. Give of yourself expecting nothing in return. A true friend will reciprocate when she is able.
  35. You have been placed in each others lives with great purpose. Cherish each other.

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