Mother’s Day

Mother's Day picture

Take one picture and mail it to the grandmas, great grandmas, aunts, and special ladies in your life.

 For a fresh and inexpensive way to honor the women in our life this Mother’s Day, we took one picture of my children holding a sign saying “Happy Mother’s Day”.

I had 7 copies printed  at Costco for $1 (I did 8×10 size) and then mailed to the mothers, grandmothers, great-greatmothers, aunts, and special women in your life. It feels so personal and the recipient doesn’t realize it went to anybody but them. It was a huge hit!mother printable viewer

Here are a few Mother’s Day cards and labels in a cute floral pattern.  My husband just walked up asked for the name of my blog so he can print a card for me. Humm.

Lilly Pulitzer stationary

Mother’s Day Lilly Pulitzer card –
Print on card stock, cut, and fold.

Mother's Day Lily circles

Print on cardstock to use as a tag or tape to a toothpick and stick in a muffin. Print on sticker paper to use as a label! Resize for your desired project. /blessed.jpg”>blessed

Prayers for Boston

Laura Winslow photography

Laura Winslow photography

As I watched the news coverage last night, I saw an image of a boy with his family…the boy whose life was taken at the Boston marathon. My heart sank. That photograph will never be viewed the same again. Its value is now different. I look around my home, every table covered in pictures of my family and friends, and my  eyes well with tears. What if it had been one of them? In an instant, my pictures, which are so familiar I no longer see, suddenly evoke a deep love and longing for people who are still alive. Just the thought of losing one of them arouses such tremendous emotion. So today I am humbled by the families who are living with that grief. I ask God why and what can I do. Pray  my child pray.  6678_10151853881091959_221807249_nkneel