Our Thanksgiving Advent

Our Thanksgiving Advent

why we need November

There’s just something about November.

I need it. I crave it. It begins the day after Halloween, where make-believe is at its peak; and although I love an evening of gluttonous candy and costumes, there’s just something dark and unsettling about the night. I wake up November 1st thankful it’s over and ready to re-align my heart for the coming months.

November challenges us to go deeper. To be thankful. To have hearts of gratitude.

November is a blessing.

I need November because I REALLY love December. Without November, December would exhaust me. I would decorate, impulse spend, and wrap til even the elves were impressed. But November grounds me. It gives me time to reflect and re-prioritize on what I truly care about, not on what advertising campaigns and catalogs try to lure me with.

November allows me to enter the holiday season with a heart of gratitude not desire.Gratitude

So this month, I’m going to write about what that looks like in our home, and how I am preparing my heart and my family’s heart for Thanksgiving. One way we do this is through a Thanksgiving Advent.

Our Thanksgiving Advent Calendar

Each evening in November, we each write on a card something we are thankful for. Use these 'I'm Thankful' cards to cultivate a heart of gratitude in November through a Thanksgiving Advent. Free PrintablesI'm Thankful cards - free Thanksgiving printables

A thanksgiving Advent - How to prepare your hearts for thanksgiving through this advent calendar  (free printables too)

Sometimes it’s a list. Sometimes a drawing.Christ who gives me strength

We place the card into the corresponding day on our felt advent calendar.

A Thanksgiving Advent - Teaching kids to have hearts for gratitude before the Hoiiday season.  Print and fill out these cute "I'm Thankful for" cards each day in November. Read them on Thanksgiving.A Thanksgiving Advent - Teaching kids to have hearts for gratitude before the Hoiiday season.  Print and fill out these cute "I'm Thankful for" cards each day in November. Read them on Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving night, we read each of the cards.

I save these cards to remember. They reveal so much about the heart of our family…particularly those cards written when life was not easy. I cling to the cards of years past, cherish them, and am thankful to God for carrying us through the rough patches. I am thankful for His faithful goodness. I remember… and my faith is strengthened.

I made YOU a set of Thanksgiving cards. Click here to chose your style and print.

I’m thankful for you and hope your hearts are filled with gratitude and joy this November. Allison

For more festive ideas and activities, I just started a Thanksgiving board on Pinterest that you can follow.

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