Personalized Mugs

personalized mugs

Cups! Cups! and more Cups! That’s what I was cleaning all day long. There are only 5 of us yet 10 cups on the counter. My children also had the habit of drinking from any cup on the counter. So if one child had a cold, we quickly passed it around. That’s when I had the idea of everybody has ONE cup that they are allowed to use. If it’s next to your bed and you’re thirsty, go get it. This simple idea was so easy to implement and drastically reduced the amount of washing I was doing. Here’s how I made these:

Here is how I made these:

  1. CUT letters from vinyl – I have a silhouette cutting machine so I designed the names on that software and then cut the letters from that machine. If you do not have a machine, it is a bit harder. You can print a word document on thick cardstock, cut each letter out to use a template, trace the letters onto the vinyl and cut out letters.
  2. Transfer Paper- Stick the transfer tape on the top of your cut out name. Use a credit card to smooth it out and make it stick.
  3. Remove the backing to the vinyl (your name will now be held together on the transfer paper.
  4. Position where you want the name on the cup. Press firmly down and rub credit card to make sure it sticks. You really want to rub harder during this step to make sure it does not peel off later (If some of the vinyl does not transfer to the cup, lay the transfer tape back down and rub again).
  5. You can handwash them or put them in the top section of your dishwasher

packaged cups

Monogrammed Rainboots Tutorial

  • How to make monogrammed boots

I am a little obsessed with my Die Cutting machine at the moment. So when I saw these boots on sale, I knew my sister needed them to wear as she cleared out the woods behind her house.

Here’s how I made them:

  • Lay a 12×12 sheet of  Waterproof adhesive vinyl on my cutting mat.
  • Designed initials using “Boys R Crazy” font. Increased the size of the center initial
  • After it was cut, I picked the background vinyl
  • Stick transfer tape on to of name, rubbed it for 10 seconds and then remove backing to vinyl
  • Position transfer tape on boots and stick. Rub vigorously for 30 seconds and then peel