The Last Day of School

If there’s one thing I love, it’s the heart of a teacher. I have been blessed with a school where my children’s teachers have quickly become my most treasured friends. It’s not because I’m that mom who’s always there with wonderful crafts to enhance the classroom, because I’m not. Nor is it because I volunteer for every field trip and class party…because I usually don’t. I’ve learned I don’t have to be everything for everybody all the time.

Lessons I Learned from my 1st Grade Class {the House of Hendrix}But what I do give my teachers, are hugs that speak volumes. They dedicate their days to shaping the hearts of our babies, often spending more waking hours with them than we do.

When I entrust my child to their teacher, our relationship is turbo-charged. You see, my kids are my soft spot. You can’t mess with them because I have a HUGE mama bear within. With a teacher though, I want them to know my child’s weaknesses and struggles upfront. It’s humbling and makes me vulnerable. A teacher sees my heart exposed and raw, and in turn I get a glimpse of theirs…patient, comforting, full of compassion, and wise.

I imagine I am not the only mom that has cried during parent-teacher conferences or year end celebration. Where there is deep love, there is even deeper emotion. There is an unspoken understanding between a mom and teacher. I love my teachers, and their heart and passion for children is an encouragement to me.

I want to share part a letter my son’s 1st grade teacher read to her class on the last day of school, her beautiful heart so clearly evident: (click here to read the entire letter)

Lessons I Learned from My First grade Class [the House of Hendrix}

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Teacher Gift Ideas

Teacher Appreciation ideas

Thank you for not being "impatient" with us this year

Impatient PlantPlant a simple impantien into a bright colored plastic pot. Tape a card onto a pencil and stick in dirt. Tie a ribbon. Cute and witty.

You're a sweet Light in our lifeLantern – We bought a lantern from Target and fill with chocolate covered pretzels.  Attach a card with a reference to the teacher being a “light” in your life.

Print mock starbucks labels for a quick teacher treat Personalized Starbucks treats  I bought cups from the dollar store and a package of chocolate covered shortbread from costco. I personalized these labels with each teacher’s name from this link. Printed them on sticker paper, cut and attached. Great way to start any day!teacher appreciation tea gift printable  Tea Jar Fill a canister with tea and then print this label from

Ask your child what they love about their teacher (or dad for Father's Day) and this site will automatically turn it into a heart shaped poem. 15 other Ideas for Teacher Appreciation gifts Personalized Heart Poem – I asked my child what they love about their teacher, typed in his reply on this link , and it generates a heart shaped card. Print and give. You can never go wrong with a child’s sweet words.

Say it with socks – ” I am Blessed and Grateful for you!” – These socks from Notes to Self are my obsession at the moment. Here’s an affiliate link hand picked strawberriesHand Picked strawberries – with a cute tag “I couldn’t have picked a better teacher”(from Dixie Delights).

teacher apprecaition

photo from “Hello from the Natos”

Homemade Cookie Dough – Wrapped adorably in parchment paper, a favorite cookie dough has always been a well received gift. You can write a recipe directly on the parchment or print it out. You can also print the label from Nato’s photo from this link. double-chocolate-chews-l

teacher-munchkinsMunchins – Cute idea from the Happy Home Fairy to bring in Munchkins with note. Click here to print their note.

finished gift bags“Orange you glad it’s summer” Printable – I found the  printable over at Coley’s Corner and you can attach it to pretty much anything. Thanks to them for allowing us to use it.

teacher appreciation gift idea Gift Card – “A teacher can’t survive on apples alone…” – I saw this months ago as a Christmas gift but think it’d be just as cute for a year end gift.

cake pops

Cake Pop Stand – after packaging each cake pop in plastic bags from Michaels, we wrapped a styrofoam rectangle in wrapping paper, stuck them in, and made a sign. Great Grab and Go treat when lots of teachers are involved.

DSC_0969 DSC_0528 teacher appreciation

Personalized Gifts – These ideas are easiest if you have a die cutter machine. Here are some ways we personalized an inexpensive item which are just so much fun to receive.

teacher appreciation ideas

Cake Pop Display


A cute way to display cake pops 

Cake pops are tricky to display because they fall over. To stand them up you need styrofoam but it’s just not that cute.

For this display:

  • Take a piece of rectangular styrofoam and wrap it with your favorite wrapping paper.
  • Put each cake pop into an individually in little bags from Michaels,picmonkey_image
  • Stick them in the styrofoam
  • Add a card to frame the backdrop
  • you have a great Break Room treat.