Patterned Coasters and Hot Plate tutorial

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coastersPatterned Coasters are similar to the Photo Coaster Tutorial except scrapbooking paper is used instead of photographs. We wanted to add pop of color, so I cut up a Lilly Pulitzer shopping bag for paper.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 4 square bathroom tiles from Home Depot. They are about $.17 each. I like the look of a black tile with photographs, but it’s a preference.
  • mod podge and brush
  • scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, or even shopping bags
  • sealant spraDIY Lilly Pulitzer Coasters for under 17 cents. Adorable Mother's Day gift and even teacher appreciation.

Cut your paper into a square just smaller than the size of the tile.  Brush on a layer of mod podge onto each clean tile. Position and then firmly press the paper square where you want it. Make sure it is perfectly flat with no air bub

bles. Then apply another layer of mod podge on top of the paper. Allow an hour to dry before adding another layer of mod podge. Not waiting an hour can cause stickiness and bubbles so try to be patience. Then add a 3rd layer of mod podge. When that is dry, take them outside and spray on a sealant which will protect them from the drink. You can package them cute and you have a great personalized gift.

The Hot Plate below is created the same way as the coasters. The only difference is the size of the tile you purchase from Home Depot. This was a bathroom tile for about $.80.
DSC_0339Check out our Pinterest DIY and Crafting Boards for more inspiration.

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21 thoughts on “Patterned Coasters and Hot Plate tutorial

  1. Super cute – I love the idea of making hot plates! Does the heat effect the finish on them? I’d hate to end up with a sticky, glue mess on the bottom of my baking dishes.

  2. I made the coasters-loved using extra scrapbook paper! How did you finish the bottom?? I am thinking self sticking felt?? any thoughts or suggestions..

  3. Hello! Which mod podge do you use? I’m seeing a few different mod podge products, with different finishes.
    Can’t wait to try these! Thank you!

  4. On the hot pad what kind of sealant did you use? I used the acrylic glossy on mine and everything sticks to it. I would love to know what you used.

    • You have a few choices. There are lots of sealers you can experiment with (like polyurethane or Envirotex) but my friends have had varying results. The best sealer we’ve found though is a clear coat sealer that is heat resistant which can be found at places like autozone.

  5. Which sealant did you use on the hot pad? I used the glossy acrylic and it sticks to everything hot I put on it. I would love to know how you did yours.

  6. Allison
    Hello friend. I’m going to try making some coasters as you have said. It all sounds easier then I thought it was. I’m new at all this stuff but I have a big interest in making coasters, serving trays, cutting boards an a few other things too. All made out of Marble, Granite, an Slate stone . I’m not sure I like the tiles over using marble an granite. I made a very nice checker board end table with black an white marble tiles an everyone just loves it when they see it. With having different kinds of food on the serving trays an cheese boards is their any thing I should know not to do ,,,, or be sure that I do ?? Thanks Vern Noble / Atlanta Georgia USA.

    • I use several layers of mod podge and a acrylic spray sealer which waterproofs these. If you really want to protect the coaster from heat, you have a few choices: a layer of polyurethane or Envirotex resin. Simply follow the directions on the container.

  7. I bought the tiles at Home Depot but they are not finished on the sides however in areas they have white that has run over from the top of the tile (I would be ok if they were unfinished & not messy all the way around). It looks like the tiles online are white all the way around, do you paint the sides?

    • I just use a little mod podge on the sides to give it a uniform texture. I did not paint because I like to keep it simple. If it bothers you, you could paint them, but you will probably find them just fine without it.

  8. You should not be eating off these. They are not food safe. They are lovely but should be for decorative use only.

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