Photo Coasters

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DIY coasters photo tutorialDSC_0425coasters

Photo Coasters are a great inexpensive but personal gift. It is a similar craft to the Patterned Coasters and Hot Plate tutorial. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 4 square bathroom tiles from Home Depot. They are about $.17 each. I like the look of a black tile with photographs, but it’s a preference.
  • mod podge and brush
  • 4 photographs
  • sealant spra

Cut your photographs into a square just smaller than the size of the tile.  Brush on a layer of mod podge onto each clean tile. Position and then firmly press the photograph where you want it. Make sure it is perfectly flat with no air bubbles. Then apply another layer of mod podge on top of the photograph. Allow an hour to dry before adding another layer of mod podge. Not waiting an hour can cause stickiness and bubbles so try to be patience. Then add a 3rd layer of mod podge. When that is dry, take them outside and spray on a sealant which will protect them from the drink. You can package them cute and you have a great personalized gift.

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7 thoughts on “Photo Coasters

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  2. didn’t find your tutorial till after I had tried this. I like modge podge so I came to the idea on my own and actually did everything you stated anyway. but the problem I’m finding is after I have done all the layers and sealant then let it sit over night, I came back and checked the stickiness, if it will peel, if water affects it (all that was fine) but the photo slid if pressure was put on it in any direction. I took it apart and found that the first layer of mp wasn’t dry. have you had this problem? do you have a solution?

    • If you don’t use sealant, the condensation from drinks will leak right through the mod podge and photo and leave water stains. So unless you plan to use them strictly for decoration, definitely use the sealant.

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