Tooth Fairy -printables

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If the tooth fairy could sell teeth, The Hendrix family would have just given her a bonus! All 3 kids have lost a tooth in the past 2 weeks and we have five more wiggly ones. The tooth fairy needs to stay on top of it because we are keeping her busy.A Note from the Tooth Fairy

Girl tooth fairy note

Because I can not remember who lost a tooth when, I made this printable keepsake. Now I have the date and their cute message like “Please do not take my tooth.” “Have you ever seen the Easter bunny?”

I first made the one on the left which my boys laughed at as too girly. Hence the non-girly version below.  Feel free to print any of the printables from the link below. Click to print on cardstock:

Boy tooth fairy

I thought I’d share this note she left Campbell a while back. I imagine she wrote it in a word document and then shrunk it  into a really small font. She probably then folded an envelope out of the paper and taped it.

IMG_6460 - Version 2 IMG_6457 - Version 2

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