Modern Thank You Note ideas for kids

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The cake is eaten, the balloons deflated, the presents unwrapped. My child’s love tank is filled from the attention he receives on his birthday. He is delighted by the new additions to the toy collection. Now it’s time to wrap up the last piece of birthday business before putting this celebration away until next year…the THANK YOU NOTE!

If I’m honest I’m usually exhausted by this point and dread the thought of stamps and addresses. With an older child, I think it is important to teach both the art of writing a handwritten thank you note as well as scheduling the time to do such. What I know is that my 6 year old would feel more frustration than gratitude with such a task…and our notes get lost somewhere between being addressed, stamped, soccer practice and the mailbox. So here are some creative ways a younger child can learn to say thank you.

  1. Chalkboard Message- we’ve seen the idea on Pinterest and it’s a great one. It’s quick, can be emailed or texted, and gives a visual to the person.Modern Thank you note ideas
  2. Fill in the blank cards and write them as you open. – When I first saw a ‘fill in the blank’ card in the aisle of Target, I cringed. Then I had 25  four year olds over for a birthday party, and changed my tune. I made a few below, you are welcome to print.
    Modern Thank you note ideasfill in dot bigfill in blank fun font
  3. Video message – This is our favorite and most used thank you. With the popularity of smartphones, your child can say thank you in their own words and personality. We often video the opening of the gift for out of town relatives as it captures that moment of surprise and pure delight.
  4. Picture with caption boxes – great thank you idea when multiple gifts are involved. idea from Camp Clem.

    picture from Camp Clam

    picture from Camp Clem

  5. A Phone call – So simple but I often forget the impact of a sweet little voice.
  6. Postcards – Take a festive picture in advance or use one from the party.  It could say “thank you for coming to my party”. Print them 3 to a page on cardstock and then cut. Add writing to the back. Stamp. Good to go.1-11-2

7. Picture with friend and gift– If presents are opened at the party, take a picture of the birthday child with each person and the gift they brought. Now you do not have to keep track of a thank you list you’ll probably lose anyway. Then print pictures 3 to a page on heavy cardstock, cut, and add writing to back.

8. Draw a picture – my niece, Josie, recently drew me a picture of herself wearing the shirt I made her. It was precious and warmed my heart because she took the time to draw it.

9. Freebie Thank you’s printables

Click image to print cards

click image to print cards

click image to print cards

giraffe thank you BIG

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