You know you are a mom of boys when…

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Funny ways you remember you are a mom of boys
  1. You have rules like “No peeing on your brother in the bath tub.” 
  2. You find a matchbox car when you reach into the bag of pita chips.
  3. You distract your neighbor in conversation, so she doesn’t see your son peeing in her bushes
  4. The smell of sweaty necks and stinky feet is oddly endearing.
  5. You have to swing by Chick Fil A for a snack on the way home from dinner.
  6. You’ve actually spoken the words “New rule: you are not allowed to stick your pinky into the electric pencil sharpener”.
  7. You have way too much fun watching your kids play with a whoopie cushion.
  8. Whenever you sit on the potty, your tush gets wet.You know you are a mom of boys when...
  9. Shooting squirrels with a nerf gun is an acceptable pastime.
  10. You suggest Super Mario as a name for the pet bunny.
  11. You tell a babysitter they read better when they are upside down.
  12. The noise in the car is louder than your own thoughts.
  13. When the house is perfectly quiet, you know something big is wrong.
  14. You don’t ask about the bloody nose and scraped up knees when your son shows you his new trick on the scooter.
  15. Laying on the floor is never relaxing because there is always fear you are about to be jumped upon. “Incoming!”
  16. Your friends with just girls stare at you all with their mouths hanging open.
  17. You find his reference to “the Force” in Star Wars a brilliant parallel to the power of God.
  18. You don’t scream when your 4-year-old proudly shows you the Bb’s he drew…with the back of a hammer on your car door.
  19. When you meet a little boy, you stick out your hand…for a high 5.
  20. You have both a Lego and Star Wars font saved on your computer.
  21. You can’t imagine the day he falls in love with another woman.


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62 thoughts on “You know you are a mom of boys when…

  1. Love it! My son used a thumbtack to make a smiley face on a kitchen drawer facing in our new house. He was so proud, I couldn’t be angry. That’s so true about girl moms with mouths open.

  2. My youngest is graduating High School next week…….sure will miss those little boogers! Boys are the best. That last one got me too. But, I am gonna be a fabulous mother in law one day.

  3. I enjoyed this very much. However, I have 2 boys who are grown. When those boys find a new woman to love I believe I will be so happy for them. It is God’s way and I’ll be thankful I have accomplished my mission. I have 5 boys and 2 girls. It’s an amazing life!

  4. My sister and I both have boys. I was just reading this aloud to her, and we are cracking up! Thanks so much for sharing (and making us boy mamas feel better that we aren’t the only ones)! 🙂

  5. When my son was potty training he would shout “Big Wiener” when he needed to pee. It was amusing when he’d do it in public.

  6. The most “hold-your-breath-don’t-cry” moment for me was discovering my boys broke the guestroom’s curtain rod because they were swinging on the curtains like Indiana Jones would on a real vine!

  7. This is great and rings so true. I have four sons. The youngest wrote “poelice” (police) on the front of our minivan. And yes, they always need a snack after dinner – like a Lil’Caser’s pizza or a homemade smoothie made with at least two bananas, 2 cups of milk, and icecream.

  8. You know your a MOB when the whole family laughs as they are on their hands and knees trying to catch the recently purchased cricket “pets” up off the floor before they all get away. Thanks for the posts. I laughed at so many of them b/c I can relate!

  9. My first two were boys, then three girls, I would much rather have the over the top boy stuff, rather than the whiny, bitchy, arguing and end of the world stuff from the girls. LOL

  10. so so true !!!!! mom to three boys who are my life ! believe me, I had tears and a smile by the time I was thru with the list ! so true that when the house is quiet is when you dread the underlying consequence of a BIG mistake someone made and the ” its not my fault ~ it was him ” coming your way 🙂 thank you so much for sharing this.

  11. I have always said, you are not truly and “parent” until you have at least 2 boys… they are a whole other species! Just had to clean the porch because he thought it would be fun to try to write his name with, yep you guessed it!!!!

  12. oh so many to add, I dont have lego font but do have angry bird font. Some more would be you no longer worry about having nice furniture, or you give up on having a really clean house, or you have to wash down the bathroom door, trim, light switch, and bathroom sink 3 times a day from dirt, food and other unknown smudges (not just little smudges, like who hand/arm prints everywhere!). When you have to make the rule, no shooting people with dart guns unless they are playing, if no one else is playing go find a zombie to shoot. Boy are so much fun! About to have boy number 3 in 2 weeks!!

  13. sigh…. I am a mother of a 2 year old girl and a new baby (sex unknown) due any day…. but I have 6 (yes you read that right) younger brothers…. all of these made me laugh sooo hard!! I love #16…. I got that as a teen, and would just shake my head in utter confusement at the thought of my friends NOT understanding!!!I and I get that as my daughter (who’s mother is a bit tom boy/yet loves girly things herself) knows how to burp and fart, pees in the back yard, LOVE frogs, and dirt? heck yes!!! I would NEVER trade anything for the things my younger brothers taught me! new adventures await me as my darling little girl teaches me girly things! Thanks for this! it was just what I needed!!

  14. I am the Mom of 7 – all grown – 6 boys, 1 girl. Now have 12 grandsons & 5 granddaughters – #18 on the way. I lived in a men’s locker room for over 20 years….. this post brought back so many wonderful memories. Don’t forget the male mindset…. if one drop of cologne is good, half the bottle is even better! Wallpaper peels off the walls as they walk by sometimes……

  15. LOVe it!!!! my 6yr old was asked by two lil girls which one he liked better, so he stood back and asked which one could cook! LOL Yes!! Love the list and the first one was a winner with me! and the “wet tush” grrr!!! LOL!

  16. Seriously LOVE this list! I grew up with all girls (4 sisters) and now have only one girl and then THREE BOYS. This is a whole new world for me, and you summed it up all too well! 😀 New follower for sure, can’t wait to hear more relatable stories!

    Oh – and naming our new puppy just a few weeks ago, one twin voted for Iron Man (even though it’s a girl puppy) – luckily that was over ruled!

    Danielle @

  17. I am a mother of a 24 year old girl and two boys ages 15 and 11years… Wow are my boys a drastically different kettle of fish! You hit the nail straight on the head with this one. Laugh out Loud funny! I can certainly relate to your reference of Star Wars, whoopie cushions and bush peeing! My youngest learned at the age of 4 how to pee in a bush and hockey snot at the same time… He did both with such pride when the urge took him… Wow I am going to miss those moments! 🙂

    • Oddly, my daughter is my wild child and my boy goes against almost all of these stereotypes (though he and I are major geeks!). Of course he does have that dirty boy smell, not quite as sweet now that he’s a teen!

      I’m terrified of this girl and she’s just 17 months old! We never had to child proof anything for big brother but she is a different animal! She’s into everything and never stops! I don’t understand why God gave us our mellow, easygoing child when we were young and full of energy and now we’re decrepit and chasing after Destructo Girl!

      Still, they’re both amazing and I’m thankful for who they are!

      • I cracked up reading your comment Lara. Your daughter, well, she may not be the first-born but she will be noticed. I imagine that gusto in your daughter which is exhausting to parent, is going to be her greatest strength.

  18. Hah! Love this ! I’m a mom of 2 boys although my youngest is 13,5 month. And he loves everything what big brother does. Such as jumping from bed , couch and just do about everything almost dangerous your heart just can’t take! And oh boy, there so many to come as they grow up! I love the first picture..Is so sweet helping his brother out !

  19. What a beautiful way to sum up life with boys…. This put things back in perspective for me after a particularly difficult week with my 4 year old turning 14. Thank you for blessing my day and helping me laugh at the things that really matter!!!

    • Patti, Happy Birthday to your BIG boy! My oldest is turning 12 in a few weeks and I love it…but I miss the sweet dependency of the early years where mama could fix anything. Hope the celebration is joyous!

  20. Love this and so true! I’m a Momma of 2 boys and my baby is 19. He has a pull up bar on his door way that he uses to swing into his room with the announcement “I’m Spider-Man”. They NEVER grow up. Wouldn’t change a thing.

  21. My son drew a picture of Mommy on the side of our car with a rock. All my hubby could say was, ” It’s his best drawing to date. ” It’s complete mayhem and hilarity in our home.

  22. I can’t believe that other mothers also have sons like this!! BUT I also can’t imagine my life any other way 🙂

  23. I have nine boys… the outside has been a third bathroom for 20 years! I dream of being a grandmother and seeing them find wives. So far they will make fantastic husbands and fathers. Life is an adventure and such a joy multiplied more with each and every boy! HAHAHA!

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