14 more ways to make kids feel Special on their Birthday

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Birthdays are a day I delight in making my children feel special!

The House of Hendrix blog just celebrated its 1st Birthday. Our most popular post over the past year was surprisingly not the post on Girlfriends, but rather 20 Ways to Fill Your Child’s Love Tank of their Birthday This tells me that there is a universal desire to make our children feel loved.

So today I am sharing more ideas…Part 2 so to speak.Need some fun and fresh ideas to make your child's birthday memorable? These will not disappoint.

14 More ways to fill your child’s Love Tank on their Birthday.

(Disclaimer: I do not do big birthday parties with extensive decorations, party favors, and games….anymore.  My focus had become about making the party guests feel welcome and comfortable, more than my child.  So I now use the time and energy I would have spent on party planning, and create a day that will delight my children doing wacky and memorable stuff that I hope fills their love tank….but I desperately miss and fully appreciate the creative detail of a good party. So please keep inviting us to yours!)1.

1. Decorate the inside of the Car

Remember in the first post when we decorated the outside of the car with window markers saying “HONK, It’s my Birthday”?  Well, lately we’re focusing instead on the inside. Simply throwing a few Hawaiian leis over the head rests adds a festive touch. This is such a simple way to bring a smile to your child’s face…particularly in carline when surrounded by their friends.Surprise your child when they hop in the car on their birthday! Decorate it!

Imagine getting into your car on your birthday and it's fully decorated! Pure delight! Check out these fresh ideas from the House of Hendrix

2. Party in the Potty

That’s right. It’s the first thing a boy does in the morning, so why not start the birthday off right. I quickly printed a picture of my son on copy paper, taped it to seat, and wrote a message with dry erase markers. I even squirted blue toilet bowl cleaner in there for festive blue water.It's the first thing a boy does on his birthday so why not start it off with a surprise! These 14 ideas are sure to create many Memorable Moments. (the House of Hendrix)

3. Chalk Message on the Trampoline

What does your child do right after school? Decorate whatever it is. The moment we get home, my children head outside. You could imagine my son’s squeal on his birthday upon seeing the trampoline! It was such an unexpected mid-afternoon surprise!What does your child do after school? Decorate it! Check out these 14 ways to delight your child!

4. Text the Teen – “Top 14 Favorite Things About You” List

Do you have an older child with a cell phone? Send him/her an initial text entitled “Top 14 Favorite Things About you”.  Send one every hour so they are staggered throughout the day.  Obviously change the # based on their age. Top 18 for their 18th birthday. I have even done Top 50 for a beloved girlfriend.Text a Favorites thing List to somebody on their birthday. Stagger the texts throughout the day (# of texts according to their age). The House of Hendrix

5. Follow the streamer to your presents. “Scavenger Hunt”

This not only adds an element of excitement, but prolongs the gift opening experience. Kids follow a streamer to their first gift. They open it and then continue following the streamer to the next gift….and then the next. Because this is so much fun, I wrap small things like chapstick and packs of gum to extend the experience. It is the “scavenger hunt” my kids remember more than the presents.Tie streamers to birthday presents for a scavenger hunt. Child follows streamer from gift to gift. Wrap small items like gum to extend the experience. Check out these other fresh ideas from the House of HendrixTie streamers to birthday presents for a scavenger hunt. Child follows streamer from gift to gift. Wrap small items like gum to extend the experience. Check out these other fresh ideas from the House of HendrixYou can also use string (below), a pretty ribbon or rope to guide your child around the house.Tie rope around birthday presents for a scavenger hunt. Child follows rope from gift to gift. Wrap small items like gum to extend the experience. Check out these other fresh ideas from the House of Hendrix

6. Affirmation Yard Attack

When my sweet friend, Kourtney Street, recently turned 40, her front yard was attacked by messages of love and encouragement from her friends. Talk about filling somebody’s Love Tank! I am adding this to my MUST DO list asap.Imagine waking up to a yard of people's favorite things about you on your birthday! Pure delight. Check out these other fresh ideas to bring somebody joy on their birthday.

7. Candy in the Balloon

We took our tradition of wrapping the items in the lunch box one step further. Now they need to POP THE BALLOON to get the surprise. Not sure how the teachers feel about this one.Stuff candy into Balloon. kids have to pop it for their treatLunchbox Surprise - stuff a candy into a balloon and wrap your child's lunch. They have to pop the balloon to get the birthday treat. Check out these other fresh ideas from the House of Hendrix

8. Wear the number on your face

Your face is a visual reflection to your child of your celebratory heart. Siblings enjoy this too. Your child will be reminded again and again of your joy over their birth. (we’ve done this for daddy too.)Kids love seeing their Birthday # on things. Why not delight them with it on the cheeks of their family.

9. Age Age Everywhere

Kids love to see their new number! I love this idea from Martha Stewart of creating a number out of candles and balloons.Make a number out of candles

Kids love to see their new number on their birthday. Tape balloons with double-sided tape to a wall.

Use double-sided tape to adhere balloons to a wall.

Giant balloon numbers for the yard!

Balloons Everyday creates these Giant Numbers for the yard. You can DIY with an aluminum rod.

11. Build excitement with a Count Down

We are constantly trying new ways to count down. The kids love changing the numbers as each day draws closer.Birthday countdown build excitement

12. Make a Birthday Video

Our family loves to use the Photo Booth camera on our computer to make video’s for people on their birthdays. Sometimes we pretend to be normal and simply sing Happy Birthday. But more often than not we will pick a pop song, change up the words, dress up ridiculously, and make a Birthday rendition. Except we have no talent.

Remember when Call Me Maybe spread across the nation? Here’s a small segment of that video. (I am resisting a disclaimer)

13. Party in a Bag…for a needy child

That’s right, not everybody gets a birthday party. Many families have financial limitations which is why I nearly jumped out of my seat when I read this next idea over on my friend Courtney DeFeo’s blog. Her guest writer Deanne, shared the concept of a Birthday Bag (here).

Let your children help plan a birthday party for a child who otherwise wouldn’t have one. Let them pick out cake mix, iciing, plates, table clothes, candles, party favors and balloons. Make a special birthday card and even throw in a Target gift card. Then donate the bag. This is an idea I hope spreads and spreads. Thank you Courtney and Deanne.

How does this make your child feel special on their birthday?

Just try it and watch.Birthday Party in a bag for a Needy child

Serving others makes kids feel purposeful, needed and special….even on their birthday. A few years back my daughter incorporated service into her birthday party, taking her friends corn picking for the homeless. You can read a guest post I wrote on that here.

14. Share your favorite memories

My children never get tired of hearing stories about when they were younger…sticking their face in their 1st birthday cake…holding their baby brother for the first time…crawling out of their crib in the middle of the night to sleep in their sister’s bed. They love it! Crave it.

At the end of the day though, the most important thing we can do for our children is to communicate in words and affection how much we ADORE being their mommy, and how deeply and unconditionally loved they are.  That connection with you is what fills a Love Tank. The rest is just fun.


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43 thoughts on “14 more ways to make kids feel Special on their Birthday

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  2. Hahaha! Love these ideas! Love the video! I am definitely going to use some of these for my daughter’s 5th birthday!

  3. That was a great article, with alot of helpful advice . But I have to say, WOW, there are some really great parents out there:) thank you for the great stories and ideas about what you are all doing to help your children feel special. this is a great reminder of what is really important:)

  4. My mom has always made a big deal out of our birth time. She always said it wasn’t official until our birth time. I’ve continued this tradition with my girls, but my youngest is pretty tricky, as she was born at 5:31 am. 🙂

    Taking the party in a bag one step further, when I went to college 1800 miles away from home, my mom sent me the best kind of care package: a party in a box. She sent my favorite cake (carrot cake), candles, streamers, balloons, pretty much everything we would need for a party.

  5. Im sitting here late into the early morning hours of my sons birthday wishing I would have read this earlier in the week. I cant wait to start some today and all next year. Love it!

  6. Wow, as a foster parent, I LOVE these ideas!!! What an awesome way to make our kids feel loved and special. I cannot WAIT to use several of these ideas in a couple of weeks!

  7. I love the birthday in a bag idea! What type of agencies do you donate them to? We are in a small town and I can’t seem to locate anywhere.

    • You can contact your local YMCA for ideas of local charities or even if there is Big Brother/Big Sister program. Churches in the area might be able to tell you what is around as well.

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  9. Hey Miss Allison Hendrix! I just wanted to tell you that this post is super cute! We love it. My Name is Kim Allen and I work for the balloon company you copied the balloon numbers from. We so appreciate your recognition, i just noticed though on the caption on the picture it states Balloons Everywhere. We are in fact called Balloons Everyday. I am the assistant to the company owners and we just wanted to let you know. We also know that it does go right to our website which is also great that you did that.

    Again we appreciate the recognition! We love our customers so much!

    Thanks From Balloons Everyday!

    • So happy to include your adorable balloons in this post. I love the giant numbers so much! I hope you have gotten some good traffic. I switched Everywhere to Everyday, sorry about that. Have a great day!

  10. Hey Allison. Not a problem. We definitely appreciate you including us on your Blog. It is way cute! We love what we do and our customers.Again Thanks so much! We appreciate all the recognition you have given us! Have a Great Day as well!

    Kim @ Balloons Everyday

  11. wow, love your idea of ‘party in a bag’. Even a small party is overwhelming for parents who can’t afford it. I’m getting my kids to create one for our local food bank as part of one their homework challenges. Going to spread the word on this one!

    • I love that idea too. I actually heard about it on my friend Courtney Defeo’s blog. It totally stirred my heart. A party in a bag is simply one of those simple things we can do to make a huge difference on a child’s special day. Thank you for passing this along.

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  27. Best ideas.I am also very excited for celebrating my kiddo’s birthday.The ideas given are really exciting.Liked the Build excitement with count down.It will really make my child feel special.Also the party bag for needy is nice idea.

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