What these ladies did to turn a friend’s day around, and what they received in return

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Love what these ladies did to turn their friend's day around. |the House of HendrixI love women. There is a universal bond between us that has its own language. We all package it differently, but deep down we understand that a great haircut or a few pieces of sea salted dark chocolate really can make us feel better, even if just temporarily.

We recognize the irony of wiping down our kitchen counters 10 times a day trying to control life even when our bathrooms haven’t been cleaned in weeks.

A while back I wrote a post about girlfriends, which had more than a million views. The comments and stories taught me that women crave authentic, deep relationships with each other, yet our insecurities and fear of being judged often get in the way.

This morning I had the privilege of seeing women at their best.

For the past year I have met with a small group of ladies who get together weekly for a Bible study in my friend’s home. These are not your ‘Have-it-all-together’ kind of ladies. They are real women with real struggles who are doing the best they can.

My friend, Michelle, has been battling a condition for 8 years that has her in periods of intense, chronic pain. Can you imagine 8 years of pain? She is understandably exhausted in body, mind and spirit, yet continues to push through with a smile on her face and a determination to not be defeated.

When she said that she simply didn’t have the physical energy to come to our small group this week, we understood the struggle behind her words. Simply cooking dinner for her family uses up everything she’s got.

My friend, Trisha, e-mailed our group suggesting we meet across town at Michelle’s house this week. I secretly wondered if Michelle would even want us in her home. However, that email was a spark that turned into something beautiful.

We showed up today at Michelle’s house IN OUR PAJAMAS because…Who wants a bunch of women in cute outfits in your home when you are in pain, right?

But my girlfriends didn’t just wear their jammies. They had their heads filled with ridiculous curlers and were wearing those oversized-cushy slippers not meant for the outdoors. They looked fabulous!Love what these ladies did to turn their friend's day around.

Each woman brought her own cleaning supplies too because…

Do you know what 12 women with cleaning supplies can do?

Deep clean a house in 30 minutes.

So as these curler and jammie-laden women got out of their cars with Swiffers, buckets, and feather dusters, my heart began to melt, because women get it.

A clean house when you are absolutely exhausted can turn your day around.

A gentleman walking his dog stared at us in the driveway and said, “I’m not even going to ask.” We laughed.This is why women rock. Absolutely love what these ladies did to turn their friend's day around.

How would you feel if 12 women with curlers and feather dusters showed up at your house. This is why women rock!

As we went inside our friend’s home, everybody scattered. No cleaning plan was necessary because as women we already knew.

Girlfriends at their best. Love this story of friendship

One woman immediately began stripping beds and starting the laundry. Another few headed straight for the master bathtub.

This is fabulous! ADORE how these women turned their friend's day around. Girlfriends rock!

There is nothing like girlfriends! This story of what these ladies did to turn their friend's day around proves it.

Several women were stocking the refrigerator with dinners for the week.

I saw a friend pull out new board games and place them on the breakfast table for their children, while another took measurements to fix some broken curtains.Such a genius way to make a friend smile. Must read

We wrote out verses and words of encouragement on colorful index cards and taped them on mirrors, cabinet doors, and bedside tables…surrounding this home with encouragement.Hang words of encouragement or Bible verses were hung on mirrors, cabinets, and drawers.

To keep Michelle from trying to help, we gave her a deep tissue massage while her house was being cleaned. She closed her eyes and moaned as the burning sensations through her limbs lessened. As her pain fled, the checklist of things she deeply desired to do for her family got done.

Women understand. We need each other because life gets hard.

After we finished cleaning, we circled together giddy with excitement to pray. Why women need each other.

One woman summed it up perfectly,

“This is the most joyful day I can remember.”

It truly was. Every woman there was invigorated and filled with delight from simply cleaning our friend’s home.

But that would never have happened without one thing:

a woman being vulnerable enough to humbly allow us in to see her dirt.

THAT is what makes this story beautiful. It was her willingness to be real which permitted 12 women the gift of overflowing joy.

Women don’t mind each other’s dirt. We crave the authenticity of it.

We’re wired to connect on a level beyond the superficial, but it requires vulnerability, and that can be scary.

Michelle reminded me of this today.

There is no greater privilege than when a friend welcomes you in just as she is…and just as you are.

Let’s stop striving for an image of perfection, and instead be exceedingly gracious in our judgments of both ourselves and others. THAT invites authentic relationships.

But more than anything, being real with our girlfriends gives us the opportunity to turn each others’ days around, and we need each other to get us through the dirt.


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187 thoughts on “What these ladies did to turn a friend’s day around, and what they received in return

  1. Love this Allison!! My fav post because it shows true love of friends…beautiful! You are all blessed! Will be praying for Michelle.

  2. I’ve buried 3 babies. I have a painful chronic health condition. My experience has been quite the opposite. Could I please adopt your friends 😉 ?

    • Lily, Consider yourself adopted! I am 100% certain these ladies would consider nothing less. Just said a prayer somebody would come into your life this week to bring your refreshment. Hang in there friend.

      • Oh Allison! You are precious! What a lovely uplifting response to Lily!

        Lily, my grandmother just buried her third child (my daddy)! Although I don’t know what that feels like, I do know the pain of watching my grandmother grieve and I wish I could carry her pain so she wouldn’t have to! Let me say to you, as a sister in Christ, and with tears rolling down my face, I TRULY LOVE YOU!!!! I pray that you feel that love in your heart right now! And remember, “By His stripes, you ARE HEALED!!!

    • So you understand Leanne! We all have seasons where we need each other. I believe that when we learn to receive help from each other, we are more equipped to then give it. Your time confined to bed has no doubt given you a sensitivity to others in similar pain and a desire to meet their needs.

  3. I have fibromyalgia and often struggle with life so this is especially touching to me. I think what you ladies did for your friend is beyond amazing. What an incredible group of women you are to recognize such a need. I love you all and don’t even know you. beautiful hearts!

    • This was my friend Trisha’s idea and I could not be more thankful to her for organizing it for our friend. I wish I could share the words of Michelle and her perspective of receiving love in this way. We were all quite humbled by the experience.

  4. Allison, this is so awesome and I can’t wait to share it. The older I get, the more I appreciate the power of a good girlfriend. My friends and I are so blessed in life but it doesn’t mean we don’t struggle on a daily basis – and nothing makes me feel better than letting my guard down with trusted friends and admitting my flaws and challenges. It defies logic, but it is somehow incredibly empowering!

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  6. Wiping the tears from my eyes. There IS good in the world, we need more of these stories announced to enlighten and encourage.

  7. The minute I read this, I sent it to my little circle of close sister-friends. I LOVE that we can let each other be real and not worry about the dirt. Thanks for your hair-curler-jammie-wearing post. Such inspiration to love others just as we are.

  8. There is nothing better than making someone’s day that way. A friend and myself did that to a friend of mine who was on bed rest because of her pregnancy. I cleaned her house and my friend gave her a mani/pedi. We could see her spirits lift the longer we were there.

  9. This is truly amazing! I have been praying that God brings women like that into my life. I have chronic migraines and I could not even get my friend to come to my house to just sit with my baby b/c I couldn’t get off the couch. My husband had to miss work. I also asked a friend to come hold my baby while I try to clean a bit and list some items to sell online and she never came.

    • That is the reality Laura, isn’t it, that our friends will disappoint us? I know I have disappointed many a friend. I wish I could come rub your head or watch your baby so you could have a period of refreshment. What a blessing your husband was able to do that for you, even at the cost of missing wwork. You are wise to pray because God does hear our prayers and knows our hearts. Can you reach out to a church nearby and ask for help? Many times there is a women’s ministry who jumps at the opportunities to help young moms. I was part of a group called MOPS that had mentors who loved on us just like this. Sometimes the refreshment comes from places we don’t expect. Hang in there.

  10. Allison, I had to share this with my bible study women. We just completed a book study called Friendships of Women by Dee Brestin and your post couldn’t have come at a better time. I love the way you put it. Allowing other women to see our dirt, become vulnerable can result in great joy. That is not an easy thing to do and as much as we all instinctively know and feel only very certain women in our lives should have this privilege, I believe we get so caught up in the screening that we overlook the power vulnerability brings with it to create authentic friendships that we all crave.

    • First of all thank you for sharing our story with your Bible study. I love that you all were studying the Friendship of Women. I am going to check out that book. Blessings to you all.

  11. This is so awesome!! Just recently my best of best friends did this for me. I had a personal melt down day. My world was crushed and I felt unable to move, but I had to go to work. I’m a Marine and we are not allowed to take days off. I had woke up later than I should have and had to rush my two sons out the door. As a single mom, I’m the only one who can do it. I forgot that it was picture day and my oldest didn’t take his pill. So in the midst of my own personal tragedy I now felt like I had let down the two who needed me most. I talked to my sweet friend on the phone for the 40-min drive to work, crying most of the way. She said don’t worry. I got it. She took my son his pill and a nice shirt. She went to my house and cleaned it from top to bottom. She waited for my box to get off the bus and she took them to her house to do homework and everything. She gave me a night alone to heal. She prayed for me and with me. It was honestly the nicest thing anyone could have done. I’m so grateful that Gid put her in my life just as he brought you and your friends together. He is so good!!!

    • He IS good Danielle. Thank you for sharing your story. You experienced first hand our need to lean on each other. I imagine that is going to encourage you to do that for somebody else. Once we have received such help, it becomes natural to do it for others. Thanks again for sharing.

  12. I bawled through this entire post! I am a woman in chronic pain… fibromyalgia, arthritis, scoliosis and constant migraines. Some days, it is hard just getting out of bed to wake my 4 little ones. I took a break from cleaning months of stuff off of my daughter’s floor, my second day of deep cleaning, avoiding the kitchen and bathroom…. wishing that I had angels helping me. I don’t. I am trying to get the. house clean enough for a friend to drop off 4 of her kids so each of mine can have a sleepover friend (it is Spring Break, after all). The more I get done, the more I ache, and a migraine is creeping up on me. BUT I am stubborn, I won’t cancel because that friend still will have her toddler, a special needs nephew and her one month old baby with Downs to care for. I wish the angels would come….

    • Anonymous and Michelle – If you haven’t been tested for MTHFR, please look into it at mthfr.net and the facebook group MTHFR Gene Mutation. Chronic pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, scoliosis – all are symptomatic for it. Hope this helps.

    • I so wish we could show up with our cleaning supplies and clean for you. I really am sorry you are in pain. Your friend is going to be so grateful that you are watching her children, I doubt she will mind seeing your dirt. You are giving her a tremendous gift of refreshment, so I would be gentle with yourself. You are doing a great job under difficult circumstances.

  13. Ya’ll are an amazing awesome group of women.I wish more people understood chronic illness instead of judging. I’ve been in your friend’s shoes for over 12 yrs.For the first 10 of those yrs I tried to continue to live life to the fullest but cooking and cleaning sometimes suffered and I had to give up going out with friends sometimes.But I worked(15hrs a wk),went to college full time and raised 2 special needs kids on my own,and taught bible study group for kids.But 2 yrs ago my symptoms progressively got worse and has hinder much of my everyday tasks.Cooking.cleaning,working,going to the store etc are a rarity.Now I’m trying to move and that isn’t going so well.Most days my energy last two or three hrs tops. I constantly hurt but I have days when it’s unbareable,my brain gets foggy,I feel week,I forget what I’m trying to say or what I was doing or can’t recall a simple name of something or someone or other info I should know,I get nauseous or my stomach hurts,I get dizzy or lightheaded, depression,and anxiety,sensitive to smells sounds and light.Like tonight I’ve had this episode for 8 days with my nerves hurt,tired,confusion,foggy brain,dizzy,ringing in ears,nausea or stomach pain it was bad enough today that I spent most of it asleep and had to cancel going to bring my son watch FF7 bc I can’t safely drive.

    • I wish we could show up at your door and help. That is so much for one person to handle and then the responsibilities of being a mommy on top of it must be exhausting. Here is my verse from Isaiah 41 for you, “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.”

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  16. In tears reading this………I would say that you and your group are authentic Christians, the kind that reflect the love that compelled Jesus to wash his disciples feet and go to the cross. If the world saw more of this, we would have a much different society! Thank you for being an example of Christ’s love!

    • You are quite encouraging Martha. I think most women genuinely want to help each other but don’t always know how. When my friend Trisha had this idea, the group jumped at the opportunity, but we wouldn’t have done it without one woman’s creativity. Just another example about why this isn’t a one woman show. One brings creativity, another dinner, and another strong massaging hands. Thanks again for your kindness to us.

    • Spot on, Martha! Years ago even those who were not Christians, would gladly, without being asked, help out, even people on their street they didn’t even know. Now, it seems, everyone is so into their own worlds that the thought of helping others doesn’t even enter their mind. My daughter and daughter in law both, say I should ask for help. I tell them, if they, especially or, others from church see or know of your needing help, if they really wanted to help, they would do so without being asked. The world has changed much, nothing new under the sun but, man’s weaknesses seem to be multiplied in this selfish society today.

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  18. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this!!!!! We are totally going to share this with our MOPS group. What a wonderful idea. I love seeing women be real and real enough to say they need help. I think we want to feel needed to- so when someone admits they need help, we can feel so good about rising to the occasion and being needed. It’s a win win.

    • So true! I did MOPS for years and remember so many times the women in that group supported me with meals after miscarriages, encouragement after melting down children, and fellowship when I needed an adult conversation.

      MOPS is a great resource for those mom of preschoolers reading this post that desire to connect with other moms. http://www.mops.org

  19. This is beautiful! May we all learn to be real and let others see our “dirt” and also love others like this by getting dirty! Thank you for this wonderful story of love! I once had a dear friend do this for me and I am inspired to go look for tangible ways to help someone else! God bless you!

  20. I was crying so much, I had to stop reading a few times because I couldn’t see through the tears. Thanks. This was such a blessing to my heart. I have suffered with chronic pain and fatigue from fibromyalgia for 9 years now, so this really hit home for me. This honestly is the most beautiful gesture you could make and for you to do it in your pajamas makes it even that much more special. Love it and love you ladies! God bless you! (and by the way I never respond to anything like this, so that shows how special I think this is!!!).

  21. Your friend is so blessed and you women are a beautiful example of being the hands and feet of Jesus. What a wonderful example of His love. I have lived with chronic pain and fatigue for 10 years now. My husband is in the military and we have moved twice since becoming ill. The last move was a 1 1/2 ago and was extremely hard on my health and has kept me from being able to get out and make new friends and connect in our church. My husband has recently left me and our 3 teen children, walked away from his faith and now wants a divorce to pursue his own selfish desires. I once was outgoing and enjoyed my friendships and bible study groups and now am left wondering what God’s plan for me is and how I am going to be able to go on without any friends, family or support. I would be so humbled if your group of ladies would say a prayer for my family and me to have direction. I feel like a lonely stranger in a land far away and I’m trapped in my own body unable to escape and get out to make new friends or find the support to help me. My faith is weak now. Reading this encourages me that there is hope out there for others who are suffering like me, but left wondering how I’m suppose to find my support. God bless you beautiful women.

    • I am praying for you. I am sorry you are going through so much. Can you call your local church and see if they have any help for you? May you find peace and hope this Easter morning. God bless you.

    • Saying a prayer for you!! I have been through dark times, too… I’ve had to call on strangers to help, and would encourage you to pick up the phone and call around for help. If anything, find a counselor who is willing to talk over the phone with you! (I’ve paid a local therapist to have hour long sessions over the phone with me before)

      Also, get into some encouraging books. If you’re like me and have a difficult time focusing or concentrating because of your illness, download books on an app that reads aloud to you! I’m currently listening to “A Story of a Soul” on librivox (both the app and the book are free).

      Prayers, love, hope and belief for you and yours,

  22. I live my life in severe pain, it’s a very lonely road. I have a loving family, and the most amazing husband, but my girlfriends have all deserted me, I live a very lonely life. I’m cry hysterically amazed at the awesomeness of the women. I wish they were my friends.

  23. THis has come at such a great time for me. I have a cleaning group filled with women that have challenges such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, Lupus, chronic pain along with young busy mothers. I created a system that has helped many for the past 5 years and currently I am the one that needs the push. I spend so much time coaching others that I am struggling to get more done than the minimum. Your philosophy is in line with mine. I signed up for email. http://www.marilynswayhomegarden.com

  24. When I visit a friend with a new baby (and they are the sort that want the company), I like offering either to fold laundry or clean their bathroom. I’ve only ever had one person take me up on it so far but there is still hope.

  25. I actually can imagine what Michelle goes through. I have Interstitial Cystitis and am also continually battling chronic pain. It has been so encouraging to read about the wonderful things you did for her. Thanks for showing Christ’s love to a fellow sister. And for not making her feel guilty for not being able to help, and instead “forcing” her to enjoy the gift she was receiving. This was truly encouraging.

  26. As someone that lives this life, thank you all for taking the time out to care for your friend. Itforgets.will be a gift she never f

  27. This is so heartwarming! I know this happens all over the world, though we may not hear about it! It’s great to see what good women can do to lift the spirits of another. I hope this inspires more people to get out and serve others who may be struggling, physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually! Thanks for sharing.

  28. I truly don’t have any one group of friends that would do this. I have a friend here and there but no group. I’m saddened by this acknowledgment of this deficiency I have. I’m happy this woman has this in her life. She’s very lucky.

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  30. Totally awesome and inspiring! So many lessons on God’s love and grace in this simple day! Thank you for sharing!

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  32. I don’t know who (because I “right click” a lot to read items later) shared this on FB, which is how I found your story. This is incredible to me – not only to have 12 female friends, but to have such devoted female friends. This was a beautiful thing to have done.

  33. This is so heartfelt and loveable.You just opened a spark in my mind.You ask were great and as a woman I would know what that felt like..GREAT JOB TO YOU ALL

  34. Wow! You are so blessed to have these kinds of friends. I too live in a struggling body. People have come into my house, when they leave, they will say. . . “I need to go home, clean, and get dinner on, bye” Then I think to myself, I am glad I could help them enjoy that ability to do for their family. One day, I will be well. I want to go into the homes of ladies where I can help them clean, and put dinner on their table! It makes me want to get well faster. What delight, to help those in need!

  35. I’ve had fibromyalgia for almost 9 years. I totally get this. All kinds of awesome for everyone!!! Thanks for sharing!

  36. This is so great and what we should all be to each other! We all go through times when we need someone to lean on. Please ladies if you have not seen a qualified doctor for lyme, co – infections and candida please do. I have had all of the above symptoms and now feel amazing!

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  38. As a woman, and someone who suffers from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, I thank you for writing this. It makes me feel better about the world to know that you and your friends are in it.

  39. In tears. This is the most beautiful act of love I’ve seen in a while. You women are AMAZING–thank you for allowing God to work through you and shine the love of Christ into your friend’s life!! Keep up this beautiful witness! <3

  40. I too have had times when I was unable to do as much as was needed for my family. A very dear friend/sister was recruiting help with household chores and meals and I was telling her my family could take care of things. She gave me some very wise counsel. She knew I was always willing to help and serve, and she asked why I would deny others the opportunity to serve me and receive the blessing of service
    It is still uncomfortable when I need help to ask for it, but I understand that giving and receiving are both important. Sometimes we have to humble ourselves enough to ask for the help we need.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.

  41. I am a thirty year old woman living with chronic pain. This post touched me beyond measure. This thing you have done, she will remember for the rest of her life: the time someone met her where she was, instead of expecting her to rise to their level of function and expectation. Incredible. Thank you for doing this. You have such beautiful hearts.

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  43. Truly wonderful! Such a beautiful way to extend the love of our Lord and Savior to our family in Christ! We need one another to survive in this life and this article is inspiring and instructional! I am praying for a circle of sisters like these to learn, love, share, and grow our families together in Christ as the new chapters of life reveal themselves. Thank you for sharing!

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  46. Wow, talk about being the hands and feet of Jesus. I am so grateful to have read this piece, to experience and to know this kind of loving kindness vicariously through your pictures and your words. You will all be blessed as you bless; thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us!


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  49. This was the sweetest thing I am fighting tears! God has blessed this woman with amazing and lifelong friends! Very touching.

  50. Wonderful blessing for ALL of you! I had a similar experience with a friend whose child was going thru cancer treatment. I asked her, “what chore in your home is nagging at you to be done?” and she replied, “I come home late at night, sit on the throne (toilet!) and see the dust on the baseboards but I just don’t have the energy or time to clean right now.” I asked her to trust me with her key and I came over and scrubbed her 3 bathrooms. After her child was in remission, she phoned me and whispered into the phone, “I can’t talk loudly because I’m in the bathroom of a pregnant woman from my church that I don’t even know and I’m SO happy that I’m paying it forward and cleaning her bathrooms today! THANK YOU!” I felt blessed all over again! Tragically, my friend later died in a car crash, but this remains one of my favorite memories of her.

  51. This is similar to something a group of my friends do for each other when we’re expecting. We have a “Visitation” like when Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth, and about a month before her due date we put on a luncheon for her in her home and pray with her for her and her baby/family, we each contribute a freezer meal for after the baby is born, and we band together and clean whatever she would like done in her house. Service is such a beautiful gift, both to give and receive 🙂

  52. As a woman that has suffered a chronic illness (severe pain every day) for 10 years, this blessed me. In my experience, my “friends” have all pretty much abandoned me. I have never experienced this type of love from any of my friends. My husband, while working 10+ hrs a day, and kids, with school, have had to take on housekeeping, cooking, as well as taking care of me at times. What a blessing that you all extended not only to your friend, but to her family. You have given them some room to breathe! Room to relax and de-stress for a bit. Thank you to you and your friends for seeing a need and being the hands and feet of Christ to your friend! I have been praying for years to have a friend love me for who I am. For now, I will be content with my husband and children.

  53. Let’s stop striving for an image of perfection, and instead be exceedingly gracious in our judgments of both ourselves and others. THAT invites authentic relationships.<–YES!!

  54. I had a similar blessing – my husbands job was forcing us to move and I was part of a wonderful church, ladies bible study, wonderful friends. As I cried while the movers pulled away with my furniture, I saw all my friends coming up my porch with vacuums, mops and such. Just so that was one thing I didn’t have to figure out how to do with nothing! Then I cried even harder! I still miss these friends! But what a wonderful blessing they did!

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  56. Wow what a blessing that u each have eachother to help one another out! I would love to even have one girlfriend like this! This brings a tear to my eye! What wonderful humble women u are! God bless you all! Hugs!

  57. I dont have tears in my eyes…i have joy in my soul reading this article…..such love knows no boundaries….

  58. It’s so sad there are so many comments here of those who have no such circle (myself included). Wouldn’t it be great if we could band together and be each other’s circle? Sending love to all of you <3

    • That was beautiful to read. I wish I had friends like that. I am recovering from a lengthy bout with the flu. I was in bed unable to move and take care of my family. No one called to check on me or offer help. I feel especially isolated as an older mother of a child with special needs. It is hard to find a place where I can fit in with my local church and community. People say that they admire me for raising and homeschooling a child with special needs. Please don’t admire me…………..I need honest friendship and a support system. Please, if you know someone that you could bless by being a true and supportive friend, please develop that relationship. And if you are someone like me, be gracious and accept their friendship and support.

  59. Thanks to you all for helping a friend in need. I suffer from chronic pain as well. It is a certain kind if indescribable misery. Your body hurts from the pain, your heart hurts from knowing you are not/cannot do enough, and your soul hurts from being unable to do the things you love. Your act of kindness brought tears to my eyes.

    • Kelley, I too have chronic illnesses and pain each second of the day. I love the way that you described the misery of it all. I would like to share your words, if you will allow it.

  60. What a sweet, pure gift of love and support! That is an amazing gift and I hope to be able to do that for someone someday!! <3

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  62. I usually don’t sign up for notifications of blogs and such ~ however, I want to be inspired by other Christian women who know and understand hurt and pain and are willing to do whatever it takes to assist others. I love this story!! You all are a blessing ~ may God bless you all!!!

  63. I love knowing there are women who truly care for each other and are genuine in their friendship…… its what I have been searching for myself…always believed this was the right way real Christian women should act towards others.. unfortunately women at the churches I once attended and tried to be accepted by them never reciprocated this type of friendship.. they actually told me many times that ‘friendship don’t belong in church!!!!’ this was even spoken by the pastor at the pulpit on sunday services as well. i finally gave up and left……… now the biblical influence I get is from the radio station.. its awesome!!! fln.org.. check it out and you will be hooked as well as blessed by it!!!!

  64. I struggle with chronic pain daily and my husband has done the same thing for me as you did for her bless your hearts and I hope that God blesses you.: )

  65. I am the woman who doesn’t invite friends over because I don’t think my home is spotless enough. You just opened my eyes to a different way of thinking. God bless your special little group. You all are very blessed indeed!

  66. Wow, I wish I had a group of girlfriends like yours. I find it very hard to find true friends, I think your group is a rarity. Unfortunately in our society women are constantly pitted against each other and community has become a thing of the past. I don’t remember it being like this while I was growing up, and stories about my parents upbringing definitely do not reflect todays misguided values.

    • You are right Khirsten. Women do often compete against one another in this day and age, but I also believe their is an ‘opt out’ clause 🙂 and I am hoping more ladies choice this option. The group of women in this story, for example, are all moms from our children’s school. We are not all best friends, but we each wanted to show up for a friend in need. Sometimes God uses a close knit group of friends to support one another, but other times he uses a stranger. It just takes one person to turn a day around and sometimes it’s in those moments that a true friend is made.

  67. This is one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever read! These are the Mary and Martha’s that sit at the feet of Jesus.

  68. With God and friends in God like these we would all feel better.Thank you for sharing your Christian Love for each other and showing us how esay it is if you look to God. He waits patientlly.

  69. Another woman wiping the tears from her eyes at this. I too suffer with chronic pain and struggle at times, this has touched me so deeply and I am so pleased that Michelle has you all in her life. x

  70. This brought tears to my eyes. Being in pain has made me a recluse. From everything, everyone. God bless you all for what you did, and your deep and abiding friendship.

    • I hope you find the strength to receive the gift of fellowship again. Life is so hard to do alone, but in those moments where the pain is too great, remember your Creator who is sitting by your side, ready to listen and comfort your soul.

  71. This is awesome..shows

    love and compassion..
    .hope it inspires others to do so.
    .and to be creative in their own way
    .to help other women.

  72. Beautiful!!!
    And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. MOSIAH 2:17

  73. I love this story. I am going to share it on our Mom2Mom webpage, which is program run through our church where moms support one another in their parenting journeys and are mentored by older women.

    One of the hardest lessons I had to learn during my cancer journey was allowing people to do things for me. It is a gift to allow people into your home to help you with meals and cleaning. It requires humbleness and graciousness that can be difficult to find when you are so sick. But the gift of joy that you are giving to people to allow them to minister to you is so worth it.

    Thank you for sharing this amazing story!

  74. Absolutely beautiful! This left me with happy teary eyes! Thank you for sharing! Wish I could find some genuine, kind women who aren’t looking to backstab each other or sleep with each other’s boyfriends/husbands. You are incredibly fortunate to have found good females to surround yourself with!

  75. As a woman who has lived with chronic pain since childhood, and who happens to be in a severe amount today…this post brought me to tears. YOU GET IT. As strong as I pretend to be on most days, as much as I try to push past the pain and live a normal life, there are some days when I can’t put up the facade. And I hide out in my home, because my family and friends don’t GET IT. I have given up trying to explain what it is like (spoon theory, etc), because my friends and family do not want or are unable to empathize with me. Understandably so…it must be terribly uncomfortable to think of someone you love being in pain all the time. And so they, like me, pretend that everything is ok.

    You gave your friend one of the best gifts that one human could give to another…the gift of acceptance and understanding. It is a gift that she will hold in her heart for her whole life…I know that I would if it were me.

    Blessings, love and continued grace be yours!

  76. This is just BRILLIANT, so inspirational and wonderful. Thanks so much for writing it down and sharing it with everyone…a truly great read. Thanks also for sharing with the 100th parenting pin it party as well 😀

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  79. My name is Carmen Hitchcock. I am Michelle’s niece I wonna give thanks for helping my aunt the way u ladies have. She has been fighting with this for years but keeps a smile on that beautiful face. She has two beautiful kids (awesome) and wonderful loving husband she is my favorite aunt and I love her very much. She has helped so many people in her life and now it’s her time and God is blessing her with wonderful friends like u ladies to do that for her and u ladies don’t know how much I appreciate what u r doing for her thank you again so very much. And may God bless u ladies.

    • Carmen, It is a joy to meet you. Thank you so much for writing. Your aunt has blessed so many of us in her new town already and your cousins are fabulous! It is so easy to love her. Hope to meet you if you ever make it this way. xoxo

  80. As a mom with multiple chronic illnesses and two beautiful girls, one who has her own special issues, I am in tears. Finding people who understand chronic illness is insanely difficult. It’s like illness wants to make sure it doesn’t just affect you physically but also emotionally and socially. I hope one day I have a group of friends like this. Even more , that I could be that friend to someone else dealing with something

    • Kristina, I love your last sentence “Even more, that I could be that friend to someone else”. You can’t control how others support your family, but you understand pain and struggle which has shaped your heart with a desire to meet the needs of those around you. Sometimes, struggles understandable make us bitter, but it has taken you to a place of compassion for those around you. Totally inspired by your heart today.

  81. A continuous flow of hot tears down my face. Pain of the flesh, mercy from the
    Father. Thanks for the reminder of love given and received.

  82. I am sorry for the woman who has chronic pain for 8 years, I’ve have had pain constantly for over a year now and it’s very hard to clean or anything else. I think that what you did was so wonderful and thoughtful. I know that when I can do something for someone else it makes me feel really good. I use to be able to do things more often but now it’s a lot harder and I crave to be able to help someone. It’s hard to accept help because you want to do things yourself like you use to but it’s impossible now. You feel like you’re not a real woman anymore because you can’t do things like you use to.

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  84. I am Michelle, only I have no friends left, they fled the scene when my illness took over. I am alone with my dirt, my chronic pain and my loneliness.

  85. I loved this story! It’s so heartwarming when people come together to bless others 😊❤️ I know your friend must have felt truly loved and appreciated.
    I have an odd question- would you mind sharing what your friend suffers from? I’m asking because my husband has had similar symptoms and is being tested for MS, fibromyalgia, and others. He says his body feels like it’s on fire and he is exhausted at time without cause. He sees a neurologist this week.

  86. Ladies that was AWESOME! As one who has suffered with chronic pain and fatigue for decades, I can tell you this meant the world to your friend!! I understand what it’s like, to not even be able to raise your arms to brush your own teeth, let alone leave the house, and have 2 kids and an out of town hubby relying on you. There is nothing more frustrating than being trapped in a body that won’t let you function!! Your story brought tears to my eyes. ..that you showed up in jammies showed you understood your friend’s predicament TOTALLY!! AND to arrange for her to be getting a massage WHILE you cleaned was BRILLIANT!! GOD BLESS all of you, and I pray more will follow your example!!

  87. Just saw this awesome post on Money Saving Mom’s Facebook page. I was reading it and thinking I should share it on my page…when I saw my sweet friend Shelly in your picture! How fun! Of course, she’d be a part of something so sweet! Love how you guys were truly the hands and feet of Jesus for your friend!

    • What a small world. Shelly is one of my very best friends! I just texted her your precious comment. Thank you so much for reaching out. Hope we can all enjoy a cup of tea together one day. Have a joy-filled day.

  88. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! Thanks for sharing such good way to bless others & such a good witness to authentic friendship.

  89. Absolutely love this post…. Something I need so much…… Humility to accept people in just as I am n just as they are.

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