A must to remember on Mother’s Day

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As we begin to uplift all the mamas this Sunday, I wanted to re-share one of the first posts I ever wrote. It is very close to my heart and just brought me to tears as I reread it.

To all the women out there, may you be surrounded by love this Mother’s Day.

Here’s the post.


 read this short post every year because I never want to forget this one thing about Mother's Day

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4 thoughts on “A must to remember on Mother’s Day

    • I had my daughter in 1973 with a perfect pregnancy. 11 years later my Dr told me he couldn’t see how I ever got pregnant with her. I wanted a second child but couldn’t get pregnant. I praise God for my miracle, my daughter. Yes I fully understand how it feels. It’s a pain that is hard to explain and only God can heal that would but it leaves a scar that will never leave.

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