Hendrix Happy Mail

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DSC_0569DSC_0199I love bringing joy to somebody with a ridiculous  gift in their mailbox. It is FUN! It is unexpected! It’s fabulous! Our family has been mailing silly little things for a few years. We called it Hendrix Happy Mail. When my mother-in-law had a beach ball delivered to her front door last year, she thought I was nuts.  Having a catching slogan gives it a little purpose. Before I give you some ideas of how to delight a friend in this manner, let me explain the postal guidelines.

Postal Guidelines for Happy Mail

  • It must be 13 ounces or less to qualify for first class postal delivery . ( I have mailed items heavier than 13oz and it the price jumps so much, it is no longer happy mail) Most of the items I have mailed require just under $2 postage. Here is a link for exact numbers : USPS Postal Costs)
  • Chose items that can withstand being on the bottom of a pile and not be damaged
  • Clearly mark the To and From on the item.
  • It does not have to be in a box or envelope.
  • You can drop it in your mailbox, a mail drop or take it into the post office.

IMG_0292 DSC_0191 DSC_0193 DSC_0566 happy mail

 IDEAS of items to mail:
Roam the dollar store and think fun size and lightweight.
– balls   “Have a ball on your birthday”
– beach bucket, shovel   “I dig you”
– nail polish “hoping to add a little sparkle to your day”
– dust pan  “Happy Spring!!…..cleaning”
– Frisbees “Have a super fly birthday”
– Plastic Easter eggs
– gum   “Sending a big smack your way”
– oversized foam letter/number – like a giant 7 for a child’s birthday. Write messages on it
– fake flowers (daisy, sunflower)
– toys
– pool noodle
– plastic container filled with stickers, candy, etc
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24 thoughts on “Hendrix Happy Mail

  1. LOVE this!! What a great summer activity this will be – wonderful way to stay in touch with our school friends over the summer. Great idea for far-away friends and family also. Thanks 🙂

  2. I do love Happy Mail. My 14 grand children all live in different states so I am always on the look out for more ideas. I like the fingernail polish in a PB jars–little gals would love that. Thanks for the ideas.
    I once sent a round tube of M&M’s, it was warmer than I thought. My 4 year old granddaughter looked in the container and saw a lump of chocolate. She said in a sad voice, “They died”. Then got a butter knife and chopped them up and happily ate chocolate chunks. Kids are pretty easy to please!
    Thanks again.

  3. We mail little toys, candy, pencils, bracelets etc in empty gatorade bottles – just remove the label and stuff with goodies then tape the cap with clear packing tape! So fun!!

  4. Here in Canada they weigh and measure everything AND if it rolls it costs more too! So not so happy here. But I did bite the bullet a couple of times and sent frisbees in the mail which made the Canada Post lady at the post office smile, the mailman who delivered it also commented on it and my nephew and family were smiling. It really does make people happy. Now I tend to decorate my envelopes with birthday cards inside in fun and interesting ways so that it may bring a bit of happiness to people. Is it still cheap sending it from the USA to Canada?

    • I did not know about that! It’s funny it costs more if it rolls. I bet your nephew loved it! Such a fun aunt! I’ll have to experiment sending something to Canada; I have a friend in Alberta who just might take delight in some happy mail.

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    • What a fun idea! A giant ball is always fun. You write the address directly on it. You could also send a princess wand, giant lollipop, stickers, or a blown up picture of you all together.

  8. I’m so happy, (haha, just read about “Happy Mail”), that I found your site! I LOVED your ideas for celebrating a child’s birthday! I wish I would’ve had these ideas 30 years ago when raising my Son but I will be sure to put them to use as I’m about to become a first time Grandmother! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Would I just look into my local post office and see guidelines on sending these types of things? I thought it had to be in a package?

  10. I LOVE the idea of mailing the pool noodle! do you think the post office would be angry? And how many stamps on it?

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